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Why should you choose Apex?

As one of the UK’s most recognised business names Nestlé understand just how important it is to find service providers who make their life easier.

"At Nestlé we used to spend a great deal of time and money by using mobile and DECT phones. We found ourselves in a position where the cost of such devices was getting too expensive and when there was a problem with them we had to wait too long and spend too much getting them replaced.

In 1997 I’m glad to say someone recommended Apex Radio Systems Ltd to us and since then our communications have been made a whole lot easier. From the very first time we spoke to Apex they were friendly and professional. They also explained what we needed (and more importantly what we didn’t need). This not only saved us lots of time but it also saved us money as well.

Since then whenever we need something they are always ready to help out and this has meant the site now has total coverage.

For any company big or small I would have no hesitation in recommending Apex. Their service and staff are superb and are a pleasure to deal with."

Alex Brown

Nestlé Logo
Nestlé UK Ltd


Scarborough Pubwatch

The problem of anti-social behaviour displayed by a small minority of customers visiting pubs and clubs, quite rightly causes concern for everyone. Publicans of the busy seaside resort of Scarborough have come together to embrace the two-way radio link scheme route as a successful measure in tackling anti-social behaviour in the night time economy.

‘As Chairman of the Scarborough Pubwatch Scheme and Director of a successful live music venue and busy nightclub in Scarborough Town Centre, the responsibility lies with me for the provision of safety for all my staff and customers. Our local Pubwatch Radio Link Scheme, supplied by Apex Radio Systems Ltd. is invaluable in giving all the premises involved access to immediate communication with each other, the local CCTV and North Yorkshire Police, in an easy to use arrangement.

We can all let each other know instantly over the radio of any potential troublemakers in the area visiting the local pubs and clubs. Door staff and CCTV can then keep an eye out for those people who may be causing problems. This helps us to make a decision to quite rightly refuse nuisance revellers entry to Scarborough’s pubs and clubs, making the town a happier and safer place to enjoy a night out.

I was so pleased with the system Apex Radio Systems Ltd. started back in 2002 that they were the first and only radio company I contacted when I was looking to renewing the two-way radios I use internally at my premises. I have always found them a reliable, honest and friendly company to work with and would recommend them to any other town or city who was looking to start a Pubwatch in their area, or who wanted a trustworthy supplier of radio equipment for use in their premises’

Mr Paul Murray

Studio1   Vivaz
Chairman, Scarborough Pubwatch Scheme & Director, Studio 1 Nightclub and Vivaz, Scarborough.


North Lanarkshire CCTV Ltd

North Lanarkshire CCTV Ltd (NL CCTV Ltd) provides CCTV monitoring services throughout their region. They cover all North Lanarkshire Town Centres including associated housing areas. Airdrie was the first town in the UK to introduce CCTV into public areas and the Company has always been proactive in the fight against crime.

"Here at NL CCTV Ltd we were determined to assist the retail community by protecting shops and shoppers, and after contacting Apex, we thought that a two-way Radiolink scheme would be ideal in helping to combat crime and anti-social behaviour in our towns.

Motherwell, Coatbridge, Airdrie and Bellshill all have successful Radiolink schemes, the schemes in these towns allows the fast exchange of information to help more offenders be caught and make our towns safer places to work and shop.

We have had Radiolink schemes in North Lanarkshire since 2000 and we feel that the service and support we have received from Apex Radio Systems Ltd has been exemplary, they recently upgraded our scheme with state of the art radio equipment, featuring user ID and Panic facilities, and all at no extra cost to the radio users.

I would be pleased to recommend Apex to any other town or city who are interested in tackling retail crime, as I feel the service and on going support they provide to us as the co-ordinators and the users at store levels is professional, friendly and reliable, Apex Radio Systems Ltd are a dependable and trustworthy company."

The King's School, Tynemouth

Kings School Shield

The Kings School Tynemouth, covers a large site and it is vital that we have secure and reliable communications equipment to ensure we can provide a safe, secure and happy environment for all our pupils and staff to work. We have been using Apex Radio Systems as our Radio Communications supplier since 1998 and with their assistance; we have established a reliable and economical two-way radio system for our school.

We teach children from the ages of 4 - 18 and it is important to us to ensure the safety of every one of our pupils, we pride our selves on having a caring and happy community, and we feel that by having a radio system we are helping to ensure the safety and well being of all our pupils and staff.

Ultimately the radio equipment we have from Apex is reliable and most importantly does the job that we require. The products have purchased from Apex are of high quality and have proved to be extremely durable.

On the occasions when our equipment has required servicing I have been impressed with the speed of response from the Apex service engineers, they are reliable, friendly and happy to help.

If any other school or college was looking into the possibility of improving communication and health and safety in their premises, I would not hesitate in recommending them to use Apex Radio Systems Ltd.

John McLeod – The King's School, Tynemouth.





To whom it may concern.


I have worked with Apex Radio Systems Ltd for over 3 years regarding the Retail Radio Link that we operate within Glasgow City Centre.


Initially the link was set up using Analogue technology and although it was successful to a degree communications between the retailers was not always felt to be of a good enough standard to combat / reduce retail crime.


Early in 2009 we decided to look at moving over to Digital technology. Although we had regular meetings with Apex to discuss the transfer the majority of the actual work and organisation was carried out by Apex. In June 2009 we officially transferred over to the digital network with a launch at Strathclyde Police Headquarters. The launch and transfer was extremely well organised by Apex and indeed all users were transferred over from the analogue to the digital system in one day.


The digital system now provides a very high quality service to the retailers within the City Centre. Their comments regarding the new digital frequency are 100% positive with communications now crisp and clear no matter what layout a business may have. 


GCSS and the retailers feel that it is an invaluable service in combating retail crime. The network is constantly growing as the word spreads. Indeed we know from Police statistics that the shops that are not currently part of the network are being targeted.


We also have a process agreed with Apex regarding new customers signing up for the network whereby those requesting to join find that once they have completed the required paperwork the radio equipment is delivered to them usually with 2 / 3 working days. 


We have also found that the quality of the equipment that Apex supply to be excellent. The radios also have excellent features such as emergency buttons, silent emergency button and a silent suspect package button.  All radios are not only linked to everyone else on the retail network but also to our CCTV Command Centre who can assist with the CCTV recording of an incident and police assistance with each radio having its own individual identification.


The software used within each radio is also secure and therefore with this safeguard and the fact that we have a rental only policy means that we know exactly who is on the system at any one time. 


Overall we are very satisfied with the equipment and level of service we receive from Apex indeed we are now working with Apex to implement an extension to the digital service covering all the nighttime venues such as Pubs, Clubs and Hotels.


Please let me know if you would like further information regarding our partnership with Apex Radio Systems Ltd.


Alan Ritchie
Business Liaison Officer



“I am the First Officer on board M.Y. Lady Christine 4, a 225-foot private superyacht launched

in July 2010.

Due to the size of the vessel and our operational requirements we require a reliable, proven

crew radio system to use on board. Having already worked with Apex for a number of years

previously on other vessels, we decided to use them as our preferred supplier for this project.

Living and working at sea, we rely on our communications equipment not only for security

and routine operational duties, but also for use during emergency training and response. As

such it is crucial that our supplier is competent, knowledgeable, responsive and capable of

providing timely assistance and support on a worldwide basis. Apex have consistently proven

themselves to be capable of fulfilling these criteria time and time again.

Based primarily on the French Riviera, we have the choice of other suppliers throughout

Europe. Apex have consistently proven themselves to be the most cost-effective option for

our needs, even taking into international exchange rates and shipping costs. We will continue

to work with Apex, and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to others.”


Chris Layfield - First Officer, M.Y. Lady Christine 4





"Communication within our branch is crucial which is why two way radios play such an important part in how we operate.
When it came to replacing our existing radios, we decided to look around to see how we could get the latest radios for the best possible deal. We came across Apex Radio Systems as they provide 2 way radios specifically for the leisure industry.
Their service from day 1 was exceptional and they've provided us with exactly the radios we need for an excellent price. For any other Esporta branch or indeed any company looking to improve how they communicate I would definitely recommend speaking with Apex Radio Systems."
Gene Roberts
Maintenance Manager
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