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With the increase in Government concern over anti-social behaviour surrounding the night time economy, licensees and owners of licensed premises are increasingly in conjunction with Police forces and Local Authorities to fight the battle against anti-social behaviour.

Apex are experienced in providing successful radio linked Pubwatch schemes between the pubs and clubs and the local CCTV and Police. Increasingly membership of a Pubwatch scheme is a necessity imposed on licensed premises by the licensing authorities.

We have developed and installed many Pubwatch schemes throughout the country and are keen to assist you in the development of a scheme in your area to help the combat against crime.


Scarborough Pubwatch

The problem of anti-social behaviour displayed by a small minority of customers visiting pubs and clubs, quite rightly causes concern for everyone. Publicans of the busy seaside resort of Scarborough have come together to embrace the two-way radio link scheme route as a successful measure in tackling anti-social behaviour in the night time economy.

‘As Chairman of the Scarborough Pubwatch Scheme and Director of a successful live music venue and busy nightclub in Scarborough Town Centre, the responsibility lies with me for the provision of safety for all my staff and customers. Our local Pubwatch Radio Link Scheme, supplied by Apex Radio Systems Ltd. is invaluable in giving all the premises involved access to immediate communication with each other, the local CCTV and North Yorkshire Police, in an easy to use arrangement.

We can all let each other know instantly over the radio of any potential troublemakers in the area visiting the local pubs and clubs. Door staff and CCTV can then keep an eye out for those people who may be causing problems. This helps us to make a decision to quite rightly refuse nuisance revellers entry to Scarborough’s pubs and clubs, making the town a happier and safer place to enjoy a night out.

I was so pleased with the system Apex Radio Systems Ltd. started back in 2002 that they were the first and only radio company I contacted when I was looking to renewing the two-way radios I use internally at my premises. I have always found them a reliable, honest and friendly company to work with and would recommend them to any other town or city who was looking to start a Pubwatch in their area, or who wanted a trustworthy supplier of radio equipment for use in their premises’

Mr Paul Murray

Studio1 Vivaz
Chairman, Scarborough Pubwatch Scheme & Director, Studio 1 Nightclub and Vivaz, Scarborough.

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