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School Safe

School Safe is the new security and communication tool which is now available to UK Schools, Colleges, Nurseries and Universities.

Each new school day brings its own unique challenges for all staff member, however the safety and security of staff and pupils in a mandatory requirement for all those concerned, and particularly lone workers.

Apex can provide cost effective solutions using two-way radios to enhance the safety of staff and pupils over a wide area. We have also well established service history with many schools, and provide ongoing sales, service and technical support to our education clients.

Some of the many benefits of two-way radio in your schools are instant contact and full campus communication, providing added safety assurance at such times as break and lunch times. Licence free equipment can also be taken away on field trips to provide a means of communication whilst away from the school premises.


The King's School, Tynemouth

Kings School Shield


John McLeod – The King's School, Tynemouth.

"The Kings School Tynemouth, covers a large site and it is vital that we have secure and reliable communications equipment to ensure we can provide a safe, secure and happy environment for all our pupils and staff to work. We have been using Apex Radio Systems as our Radio Communications supplier since 1998 and with their assistance; we have established a reliable and economical two-way radio system for our school.

We teach children from the ages of 4 - 18 and it is important to us to ensure the safety of every one of our pupils, we pride our selves on having a caring and happy community, and we feel that by having a radio system we are helping to ensure the safety and well being of all our pupils and staff.

Ultimately the radio equipment we have from Apex is reliable and most importantly does the job that we require. The products have purchased from Apex are of high quality and have proved to be extremely durable.

On the occasions when our equipment has required servicing I have been impressed with the speed of response from the Apex service engineers, they are reliable, friendly and happy to help.

If any other school or college was looking into the possibility of improving communication and health and safety in their premises, I would not hesitate in recommending them to use Apex Radio Systems Ltd."

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