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Vertex Standard Smartruck II


The Smartrunk II Digital Trunking System is designed to provide sophisticated trunking and telephone interconnect features using low cost two-way radio equipment at frequencies below 800 MHz. The proprietary Smartrunk II trunking protocol provides automatic channel acquisition and call privacy for systems of up to 16 channels and 4,000 subscribers.

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Product Details

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  • Features:
  • * Easy Connection to VXR-7000, Board Upgrade to Vertex
  • * Standard Portables and Mobiles
  • * Built-in Telephone Interconnect (2 ports)
  • * Stored database Calling No., Time/Date, Dialled No., Call
  • * Duration/Type, Channel Used
  • * Priority & Emergency Call Override
  • * Up to 16 channels per system
  • * Remote programming
  • * Over 4000 ID's for group or individual calling
  • * Call Types: Mobile to Mobile, Group Despatch call, Emergency
  • * Call, Mobile to and From Landline, Priority override
  • * Migration Path for CBS operators
  • * CE Approval with VXR-7000 Only
  • * Remote “Radio Kill” to disable illegal or non-paying customers
  • * Vertex Unique Features Caller ID Display (VT-60F), Voice Inversion Scrambler (VT-60FS),
  • * Alpha tagged address book
  • * Supports PTT (Push-to-Talk) dispatch, private calling, radiotelephone, and conventional
  • * operation

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