Lone Worker and Man Down Functions Explained

Digital two-way radios can be a highly valuable tool for companies that employ workers that perform daily duties away from other employees often without direct supervision and in isolated spaces. These workers are often referred to as lone workers. In case of an emergency, there is usually no one around and therefore companies need to provide risk assessments and ensure that these workers stay safe at all times.

In these circumstances, companies often turn to two-way radios to provide instant communication and in the case of an emergency, a worker can promptly contact and inform supervisors of the situation.

Having this in mind, two-way radio manufacturers also offer an addition to the instant communication, functions called Lone Worker and Man Down.

Lone Worker

The lone worker function allows supervisors to check on the radio users after selected time intervals. The radio will beep and the worker needs to press the push-to-talk button to confirm he is safe and available. However, if the worker fails to perform this task, the radio will go into the alert status and send an alarm to control or anyone who has the ability to monitor the emergencies. This function is available on most digital two-way radios however it would need to be activated during the radio programming that Apex Radio Systems can activate.

Man Down

Man down function is available only on high-end digital radios. In most cases, the radio requires the installation of an additional option board and license key to activate the feature (ATEX radios have this function already as standard). Man down is using a tilt-switch (special motion sensors) in the radio which can detect and alarm in the following circumstances:

– user is not moving

– user is moving more than what is considered to be normal

– radio is positioned in different angle than usual for defined period of time

Before the man down alerts others it sends a signal to the user that the alarm is about to go off to prevent false alarms. Once the alarm goes off it will send an alarm to the controlling radio alerting them that the user is in trouble. Some radios with a man down function can also put itself in ‘talk’ (open mic) mode and enable other radio users to hear what is happening in the surroundings.