Farming and farming technology are constantly developing hand in hand with the newest technology advancements, including farming communication.

Farmers need to stay connected in their fields for numerous reasons, such as health and safety or resolving incidents immediately…  Agricultural communication needs can involve everything from basic communication to advanced systems…

Two way radios are the ideal communication tool for the farming industry as they are tough and durable. This is the number one reason why farmers around the world heavily rely on two way radio technology.

At the same time, two way radio systems provide coverage where mobile networks fail, which is in fact very common when it comes to farming fields.

Thirdly, two way radios connect everyone at the push of a button and therefore important information is immediately communicated. Furthermore, loud audio also enables farmers to hear and to be heard when needed.

The best two-way radios for farms

Two way radios which we would recommend for the agriculture definitely have to have high IP rating. Choosing radio with a high IP rating ensures that two way radios are waterproof and dustproof. Radios with high IP rating ensures that the product will serve farmers’ needs well.

Secondly, it is important to evaluate the size and terrain of the farm in order to decide whether to go for licence free or full power licenced radio. Licence free radios can cover up to 0.5-1 mile in open territory. If you are trying to cover more than that you definitely need licenced radios. Licenced radios can give you up to 2.5 miles in open territory. In some rare cases, when the farm and its fields are very large it might be worth considering using a repeater / base station to increase the coverage.

Handportable radios which we would recommend to a typical farm:

Icom F29SR – licence free two way radio, dust and waterproof (IP 67)

Icom F1000 (analogue) or Icom F1000D (digital) – licenced two way radio, dust and waterproof (IP 67)

Vertex Standard EVX 534 – licenced, dust and waterproof (IP 57)

If your farm is compact and you won’t need to cover more than 0.5 mile then you can also consider Motorola T80 Extreme Quad Pack. This option provides very good value for money, however, it is not waterproof.

Mobile two way radios for tractors and farm vehicles

Many farms also buy mobile radios to connect their tractors and farm vehicles. Mobile radios are fitted in a tractor or other farming vehicles so they stay dry and protected from external environment.  Here are some good options which would benefit the farmers’ communication (please bear in mind that all mobile radios require Ofcom licence):

Motorola DM1400 – reliable, cost-effective

Hytera MD655– designed with safety and ease-of-operation in mind

Motorola DM4400 – improved audio clarity, and integrated data applications

Other options to consider:

If budgets are low there is also another possibility to consider – buying pre-owned equipment – which we can also provide for you. We highly recommend you buy your radios (even pre-owned radios) from authorised radio dealers to ensure you have the best equipment for your needs and that you are transmitting in line with Ofcom regulations.

In addition, we can provide two-way radio hires to cover just your harvest season which is also a very cost effective option.

If you have any questions or you would like to learn more how two way radios can benefit your farm please get in touch with us.