If so many Industry Sectors use Two Way Radio, how can you afford not to?




Digital Two way radios are used globally every day to help individuals, Governments and Businesses like yours to increase safety and productivity. You may wonder who uses two way radio? Is it really businesses like your own? And the answer is yes!

Below we will discuss in brief a few of the key users of Two Way Radio in the business community, and in the future we can explore each sector more fully!

1) Manufacturing

In the past 30 years manufacturing businesses have become extremely technically advanced and streamlined, this means they are often early adopters of new technology – this is why Digital two way radio is ideal for them – it reduces downtime, aids safety and increases efficiency as traditional voice communication is used to discuss day to day issues – but features such as job ticketing can direct jobs to the correct individual directing them to fix a broken machine – fast prompt response then occurs – and productivity is maintained.

2) Retail

With online shopping becoming a big reality – high street stores need to ensure that they are pleasant, welcoming and efficient at dealing with customers’ needs face to face.

Using two way radio allows quick communication with stock room staff to check on availability of items for clients – and small discreet radios used with accessories allow the customer interface to be easy and professional.

Retail also use radios for security to protect stock losses and also empower staff safety – often stores are linked by radio to town or city wide radio linked schemes called Shopwatch.

3) Education

From primary schools, to large comprehensives and site wide coverage for a large university – two way radio provide the ideal solution to communications.  Two way radio is immediate – no waiting for someone to answer the call, no time taken dialling a number so if an incident with a child occurs staff on site know they can get a quick response – also many radios have emergency buttons for added peace of mind

Universities and large comprehensives are well-oiled operations that need to flow smoothly and professionally, two way radio systems can be linked to telephone systems, alarm panels wirelessly  via Wi-Fi across campus – multi departments can be added to the system with site wide channels for all and individual group channels too!  Two way radio is flexible and adaptable providing an excellent management tool!

4) Hospitality

In the hotel industry a good manager knows that client experience is foremost – in this digital age and small discrepancy can find itself on Facebook, twitter or TripAdvisor – and as a highly competitive market bad publicity is never good publicity!

The use of two way radio for front of house staff means they can handle client queries swiftly and responsively.  Directing housekeeping with extra towels and toiletries, checking quickly with the Restaurant to see if la lost jacket has been found and swiftly sending concierge staff to help with clients luggage, as radios are carried with the team member they’re instantly contactable.

5) Sporting Venues

Events like Football, Rugby, Cricket and Athletics attract huge crowd, and the sheer volume of people in a relatively small area can provide risks every stadium manager wants to avoid. Events require instant communications to keep people moving or to call in first aid if somebody has a medical emergency.

Stewards are alerted to any potential anti-social behaviour and can initiate fast action to resolve potential conflicts.

Also they are there to help with the nicer side too!  Making sure hospitality stands have enough drinks and snacks, so everyone can be refreshed at half time!

6) Warehousing

So you need to get the goods to your customer and quickly, so they can meet their target? Two way radio will help you to do this. With the wide variety of equipment available at all levels of expertise, there is a solution that will communicate the requirements to all workers that the goods are picked, packed and loaded on to the right vehicle to be taken to your customers premises – so if you’re sending frozen foods to supermarkets, or toiletries to Department stores, you can run your warehouse operation efficiently and effectively with a communication solution that suits your needs.

To see which solution suits you best we would love to hear more from us so contact us here or at info@apexradio.com / 0191 2280466 we offer radio consultant service to make sure we get the right equipment for you!  We know that your requirements are as unique as the service you offer to your clients!