The importance of Two Way Radios for Hotels

Digital Two Way Radios are widely used across the hotel sector in order to operate in an efficient manner and to increase the safety and productivity of their customers and employees.

One of the main goals for any retailer regardless of what sector they’re in is to gain the satisfaction of their customers.  In order to gain this, they must respond to their every need in an effective manner. This is precisely why hotels use Two Way Radios so they can easily meet the needs of each hotel guest as required as the use of digital radios enhances operational efficiency.

The use of two way radios enables staff from different departments to connect with each other efficiently. For example, staff at reception would be able to contact certain team members, regardless of whereabouts they are in the hotel. If a customer needs assistance or has a query, the use of radios enable each member of staff to operate efficiently, rather than having to contact staff face to face every time a customer requests something.

The information below will highlight the importance of Two Way Radios across the hotel sector and explain why purchasing a Two Way Radio would be an excellent addition to your business. However, before you decide upon installing a Two Way Radio system, there are some considerations for you to think about first such as the type of radio, the coverage of the radio, the battery life and WI-FI options, which are  explained also below.

The type of radio:

A UHF licenced 5 watt radio would usually be the best choice in which any hotel is concerned. This is particularly because the majority of hotels contain a lot of structure and the UHF signals are able to penetrate through steel and concrete making them ideal. Another advantage of licensed radios is that they enable you to have the ability to communicate with others across a variety of channels. This is particularly useful for a hotel as there are many different departments – such as house keeping, reception, management and security etc. A small/medium hotel would be fully covered by this type of radio, however if your hotel is any larger and has between 15-20 floors, a repeater may be required.


Coverage is an important feature to consider when deciding upon which radio you’re going to choose as you don’t want their to be any drop out zones or any areas without Wi-Fi.

Battery Life:

Another important factor to consider when deciding upon your radio is it’s battery life. This is because in order to operate efficiently at a consistent rate, the battery life of a radio must be able to last well over a shift. It would be very wise to think about the battery life different radio options are able to offer.


One other thing to consider if you’ve got Wi-Fi throughout your whole hotel would be whether you should get an IP radio solution. This would be an excellent solution as it enables you to quickly establish a high quality radio network by plugging in an existing control server to existing wireless networks. This radio solution comes with a variety of a features such as allowing you to make group or individual calls using a PC dispatcher, which also contains exciting features such as a map which enables you to see where all of your employees are in a building.

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