The use of two way radios in amusement parks

Two Way Radios play a vital part in the safety and enjoyment of visiting theme parks. This is because with the use of one of our radios, we can help improve the efficiency and productivity of your staff, due to communication being possible in all areas throughout the site. Another key focus of our radios is enabling visitors to stay in contact efficiently using the touch of a button on one of our radios. Our radios also contain a number of features to help provide the most cost effective yet best solution for your theme park. This could include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mandown, indoor and outdoor location tracking, remote software updates and many more.

When shopping for two way radios, there are some factors to consider…

  • The Range – Since theme parks are usually spread over a wide area, the range is probably one of the most important factors to think about. This is because you must ensure that your radio has a big enough range to cover the whole site  to avoid drop out areas etc. If the range is big enough to cover your site, this would ensure the safety of all customers as well as increasing the productivity, communication and efficiency of staff.
  • The Battery Life – This is also an important factor as your radio must be able to operate efficiently throughout the long working hours that an amusement park would be open for. This would ensure that if your radio is capable of withstanding this length of time without needing to be charged, it would also be a factor that would increase staff efficiency, productivity and safety.
  • The Size and Weight – When considering what two way radio would be best for you, you must also think about the style of radio that you want. Due to environment that a radio would be based in, it would be ideal to have one of our radios that are more slim and light weight. If you’re not sure what radios of ours that this includes, do not hesitate to get in touch and we’ll inform you of which radio would be the most appropriate solution for you. At an amusement park staff would have to cover a vast amount of the site each day and  as a result of this, a heavier radio would be tiring to carry around. A number of our radios are also protected against water, so this could also be a factor to consider when choosing your radio in order to prevent it from possible problems that could occur.

If you own or work in an amusement park and you believe that based on the information above that a two way radio is something that you would wish to incorporate into your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch even if it’s just for a friendly chat! We’d be happy to help – call us now on 0191 228 0466!