The use of two way radios for festivals, outdoor events etc…


Here in the UK , thousands of people flock to busy festivals over the summer period to watch their favourite artists. As well as this being a fantastic, enjoyable time for many – safety precautions must be taken into consideration to ensure that all events run smoothly and according to plan – preventing any danger that may occur.

Are you prepared for the festival period ahead this summer? If not, we have a wide range of Two Way Radios on offer, all offering special properties in order to adapt to your personal taste as well as ensuring that everything is running according to plan. Since establishing in 1999, Apex has had many, many years of experience with providing the most cost-effective yet reliable solution to each client that we do business with. What more could you ask for?

Keep all safe with Walkie Talkie communication

Two Way Radios are a vital part of the safety and security of festivals. This means that regardless of how busy an area may be, workers can easily interact with each other from different locations throughout the festival – all with the touch of a button. This ensures that every area of the festival grounds will be monitored tightly, ensuring that all members are kept safe and free from danger.

We’ve all heard of the disastrous incidents that can occur at outdoor events, such as festival-goers trampling on each other, losing the people you’re with and fights breaking out. With the help of one of our extremely efficient Two Way Radios, however, workers would be able to report an incident with the click of a button, enabling staff to get to the scene in a quick and efficient method. This is much more convenient than other methods of communication, such as using a mobile phone etc.

When thinking about hiring Two Way Radios to make sure your event runs smoothly, please bare in mind that there are a few factors that you must consider. This includes the range – This is an important factor to consider as the range will have to be rather high in order to allow workers to communicate without any blackout zones etc. The range also depends on the type of terrain that the festival would be placed in, so this is also something to bare in mind.

The properties / characteristics of the radio itself as well as the size / weight of the radio must also be considered. Some of the two way radios we offer come with features such as being dust proof, water proof, containing noise cancellation technology and features such as Bluetooth etc. This is an important factor to think about as depending on the environment you’re using the radio in, you may need to think about which features your radio must have in order to withstand that type of environment.

With all of the fantastic advantages that two way radio systems can offer, why not go ahead and purchase one of the many radios we have on offer now! If you have any queries or need some assistance in doing so – even if it’s just for a friendly chat, please contact our sales team on 0191 228 0466.