The use of two way radios in airports



Entel DX485 - UHF

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Airports often cover a large area and are extremely busy the majority of the time. Two Way Radios are used in a wide variety of sectors throughout an airport, such as engineering, catering, management, rail services, airlines. retail and security – but just how does the use of Two Way Radios ensure that all visitors and staff are kept safe and that everything runs accordingly throughout the airport? For a start, the use of modern technologies such as Two Way Radios have enabled communication to be a lot more fluid and instant – helping staff communicate with one another regardless of the sector they are placed in.


Depending on the airport that you’re familiar to, you’ll know that they can often cover a very large area or that there can even be multiple sites to build up one airport. Previously communication over such large areas has been difficult, but due to advances in Two Way Radios this has become an extremely easy task – improving both the productivity and efficiency of workers and ensuring that visitors are kept safe at all times. Handheld / portable radios are also particularly effective in this instance as it is a convenient device that staff can easily use whilst they’re on the go.

Safety and Security 

As well as improving the productivity and efficiency of staff members, Two Way Radios also can help out in tricky situations where it may be difficult to raise help – enabling you to raise alerts when necessary. Two Way Radios can be filtered, allowing nobody apart from the participants you want to be able to overhear the conversation in order to avoid unnecessary panic.

Efficiency and Productivity

An airports main concern is to keep things running smoothly due to the tight schedule they run to and the vast array of sectors that they have to monitor. Aeroplanes come and go constantly, so Two Way Radios ensure that they run to schedule. This is vitally important to the running of an airport as it also enables staff to communicate to each other from building to building – in order to keep up to date with updates as well as estimated take-off times.

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