The use of two way radios in the workplace

Motorola XT460

Two way radios are an excellent addition to the workplace if you’re interested in improving productivity and efficiency.

Two Way Radios can bring many benefits to your business, but just how can your business benefit from them?

Technology advancement

Due to technology advancements, smart phones are now capable of a multitude of different tasks. You may ask yourself if it may be worthwhile introducing the use of smartphones into your business? This is where the introduction of two way radios comes in however, as two way radios are able to work in a large range of environments – which mobile phones may be too fragile to work in. Mobile phone signal is widely known to be insufficient in certain areas meaning that they won’t work in organisations where communication is critical. Another disadvantage of using a mobile phone rather than a two way radio is that if an employee finds themselves in an emergency situation using a two way radio, they don’t need to be as concerned with the service becoming overloaded, as can so often be the case when using a mobile phone.

Two Way Radios can also be beneficial for when a group of employees need to engage with each other at the same time. One person can call multiple colleagues all at once with the push of a button.

A benefit of incorporating a two way radio system into your business is that it enables you to be able to immediately connect with all of those around you.  This can be done easily by features such as the Push To Talk button – which enables you to connect with people within the push of a button. Malfunctions with machinery are very common in heavy industry and will require a quick response. This highlights that two way radio communication enables safety to be managed effectively within the touch of a button.

As well as this, another advantage of two way radios is the increased reliability and clearer communication that they allow. The background noise cancellation incorporated in the majority of our radios also enables users to connect with others easily in the busiest environments.

With all the advantages that two way radios can bring, you must agree that they are an essential to any business.

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