SOLAS compliant with Two Way Radios on board your ship


As of 1st July 2018, the latest SOLAS regulations changed, the goal of the regulations is to enforce safety in case of an emergency on board. All ships must now have 2 two way radios on board, the radios must be explosion-proof and intrinsically safe.

What are intrinsically safe radios?

These radios are built in a way that is approved for use in emergency and high heat situations. The requires a very high level of durability that not only withstands high heat and explosions but is also waterproof. Read more on intrinsically safe radios here. Find what radios we can offer here

What Radios meet SOLAS regulations?

We have several radios that meet SOLAS regulations including but not limited to:

Motorola DP4401 Ex

Motorola DP4401 EX is intrinsically safe, professional, licenced and Digital Two Way Radio. DP4401 Ex is currently one of the leading ATEX two way radios and it is widely used in potentially explosive environments which contain dust and gases. It is a member of the MOTOTRBO family – DP4000 Ex series.

This radio has been designed having the workers’ safety in mind. First of all, it has brilliant loud and clear audio with additional features such as Intelligent Audio and Transmit Interrupt allowing the voice transmit to get through in any situation. There is also a wide range of fit for purpose ATEX accessories available.

Icom F51/61 ATEX

The ATEX versions of the Icom IC-F51/61 conform to the 94/9/EC ATEX Directive. The IC-F51/61 ATEX series are waterproof PMR transceivers whose construction is equivalent to IPX7. In addition, built-in signalling capabilities and UT-110 compatible voice scrambler function eliminate the need for an optional logic board.

The IC-F51 series meets the requirements for a tough, waterproof communications tool for use in hazardous areas such as oil rigs, areas where flammable gases or liquids are used, and other potentially explosive environments.

Hytera PD795Ex with GPS

Hytera PD795Ex is the world’s safest and most reliable digital two-way radio. If you work in hazardous environments where explosive gases and combustible dust are prevalent then you can feel reassured that the PD795 Ex radio is the safest and most reliable radio for working in these conditions.
The PD795 Ex is designed to the highest standards and is one of the safest digital hand-held radios available worldwide. It complies with IECEx and ATEX standards as well as FM (North American standard).
Maintaining communication in dangerous environments is the single most important factor within your industry.