Meet Jackson

Jackson is our Service Technician, now Workshop Controller, has been in the radio business since 2005. Jackson takes care of the engineering side of the jobs and travels all over the country visiting our clients’ sites, completing site surveys, and installing radio equipment.

Q. How long have you worked for Apex?
A. Since 2012 having previously worked in the radio business

Q. What is your position at Apex?
A. As of today (06/02/2020) I am the new Workshop Controller

Q. What do you do on a daily basis?
A. Due to the recent job change, I am transitioning from taking care of engineering jobs and travelling the country visiting clients sites to completing site surveys. I will now be controlling the Newcastle based service team.

Q. What’s your favourite song?
A. This changes a lot but currently Miss You by Rolling Stones

Q. What’s your favourite film?
A. Moana although City of God is a close second

Q. What’s your hobbies and interests?
A. I’m a family man at heart but other interests are Martial Arts, general fitness and the outdoors.

You may also recognise Jackson appearing on our Ofcom Licensing page.