The Birth of Two Way Communications



The theory of Two Way Radios goes back more than 100 years, the technology still prevails today. Also known as Walkie Talkies, Two Way Radios are used in many industries from Manufacturing to Education.

Where It All Began

In 1888,  proved that it was possible to send and receive electrical waves without using wires. Although he didn’t quite manage to reach the full potential of electrical waves, the unit frequency was named Hertz after him. In 1907 National Electric Signalling Company achieved the first transatlantic telegraphic communication.


At the request of Reginald Fessenden, Ernst Alexanderson a Swedish engineer developed the first high-frequency generator. Enabling speech transmission for the first time. Fessenden’s National Electric Signalling Company were first to make long-range voice transmission over 2kw, 100khz using the Alexanderson Alternator.

With the technology ever-expanding by 1912 Mariners were able to benefit from the system. It has been argued that many people who survived the Titanic sinking due to the aid of Two Way radios, which enabled faster emergency communication.

Mobile Two Way Radios

Frederick William Downie, an Australian policeman has been accredited the first mobile two-way radio. These were introduced to patrol cars in 1923. Although Canadian Donald Hingins (1937) and Alfred Gross (1938), who patented the technology, have also been accredited with this.

Radios Today

Galvin Manufacturing Company, now called Motorola, created the first device to be labelled the Walkie Talkie. Despite the argument of who first created Two Way radios, it cannot be argued that the most successful at developing the technology is Motorola.

Final Steps

What was originally developed for military use has now crept into many industries and is seen as the safest and cheapest option for all communication needs.

Birth of Apex

In 1990 Jim Curry set up the ever-expanding Apex Radio Systems Ltd. His love for Two Way Radios has been evident since childhood so setting up a communications company was always in the pipeline.

Since 1990 Jim has expanded the company, which now has 29 staff members. Apex also holds offices in Cardiff and Teesside as well as the head office located in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

Apex offers Two Way Radios across the whole of the UK and Ireland always putting the customer’s needs at the forefront of the business.

Apex would like to thank all customers from the very first in 1990 to every customer we currently support, we certainly couldn’t have done it without the rapport we have built with all clients.