Works Experience Sam

I have been doing work experience at Apex for 6 weeks now and have really enjoyed my time here so far. During my time here I have worked with all the departments ranging from sales and marketing to service. Before I started at Apex I was not really sure what to expect but I am pleased to say the overall experience has been fantastic, everyone who works here has made an effort to make me feel welcome and found things for me to do.  During my first week, I worked predominantly with Michael in marketing and did some competitor analysis after he had given me a brief overview of what he does in the marketing department.

The following week I spent the morning with Helen, Katie, and Hayley in the sales department who showed me the basics. During the afternoon I worked in the marketing department again and attended a meeting between Helen and Michael in which they discussed ideas for promotional offers for Apex Radio’s 30th birthday (27th March).

I spent the next couple of weeks splitting my time between the sales and service departments. In the service department, Jordan showed me the process for cloning radios as well as giving me a geography lesson. He also showed me how to fill out order forms and package radios for customers.

For the next few weeks I returned to the marketing department and undertook tasks including drafting the email that would be sent out to promote Apex Radio’s 30th birthday promotional discounts; drafting a cover letter to be sent to waste management companies alongside an informational brochure explaining how the implementation of Two Way Radio Systems in their businesses could benefit them, and looking at profit margins on Apex products after the 30th birthday discounts had been applied. I have also spent some time working with Beth and Ellie in the finance department who showed me how they follow up on sales and chase down invoices and missed payments. 

My time at Apex has been great and I cannot speak highly enough of the staff or atmosphere in general. I believe there to be a fantastic balance of being both relaxed and professional, it is a great working environment and I am really pleased to have done my work experience here. Thank you to everyone at Apex Radios for enabling me to have such an enjoyable experience!