Two way radios and social distancing

As the Country looks towards reinstating the workforce and a move is being made to get people back to work and education, a company’s number 1 priority is the safety of its workforce.

Even now where possible and safe to do so people are starting to return to work.

This brings many uncertainties for employees on how operations can operate smoothly, whilst encouraging social distancing, not infringing on productivity, and most importantly allowing employees to operate in a safe manner.

We are all now aware that Covid-19 passes from person to person either through contamination of objects and surfaces, and coughs and sneezes in the air. It  is therefore necessary for people to keep at least 2m away from each other at all times.

Below we will discuss how your staff can remain apart and yet keep close contact using Two Way Radio to assist Social Distancing.

What was once a thriving and busy warehouse floor now must ensure people are working further from each other, and people not directly involved in activities in a particular work based area, should stay away.  However, they still need to communicate with each other and pass on messages

Office staff no longer “popping” onto a factory floor, Care staff in a nursing home going from floor to floor, Hospital staff from quarantine wards able to speak to colleagues outside these areas, without having to decompress and change PPE.

Stock control employees in shops / supermarkets coming onto the main shop floor, teachers and teaching assistants or Nursey staff moving  students around the School safely and using outdoor areas at specific times  – how can people communication freely, to a wider group and immediately with, in most instances, no ongoing costs?

Click and collect stations having the ability to connect with the stores, so shoppers do not have to enter premises to get valuable customer service and supplies.

Two Way Radio will help with all these situations and more.  Keeping your staff safe whilst Social Distancing measures are still in place at workplaces and are likely for the foreseeable future.  Two Way radio provides a cost effective way of communication with colleagues who are not in the same room as you immediately without the need for using phones or meeting face to face.

Using Two Way Radio during the Covid19 Social distancing legislation will

– Improve communications for workers and customers

– Allow quick answers and customer service support to customers – click and collect points

– Let staff feel more confident they have the tools in place to do their job safely, whilst not leaving their safe working area and coming int contact with more people than necessary

– Keep essential activities going even with a reduced workforce – enhanced efficiency and less downtime chasing stock and jobs

– Assist safe movement of students at schools – ensuring corridors empty before moving – dismissing class for the day.

– Assist training of new staff  – for example in manufacturing someone can be instructed what to do at their work station without a trainer being there right next to them– instruction can be fed over a headset allowing handsfree working and training of your new recruit  – indeed several new recruits at once.

– Organised delivery of materials for construction Workers from the stores onsite – prior to running out and get them delivered at a safe time and at a safe distance to allow them to comply with the 2m rule.

– We appreciate that you do not have time now to do intensive research and may find the idea of choosing a two way radio system daunting.

– With over 30 years in business Apex and their knowledgeable staff are here to help you at these trying times.

– We can Hire or sell radios, and are here to help whatever your specific need, we know no two clients are the same and this is why our knowledgeable staff are your first step towards protecting your workforce and business during these trying times.

Contact us on 0191 2280466 email or engage with us on Live chat and we will help – and using our knowledge of radios advise what is best suited to suit your needs.

Two Way Radio are an essential business tool at any time, and once this situation subsides you will continue using your investment in the future to help you rise above the many problems the Covid-19 and Social distancing and lockdown measure will have brought in.