OFCOM Information Relating to EMF and ICNIRP



In 2020 the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), who are responsible for issuing guidance on safe exposure and protection from non-ionising radiation, issued guidelines to protect the general public from the electromagnetic fields (EMF) and different types of radiation.

What does that mean?
The Guidelines are specific for radio equipment that is authorised to transmit at powers above 6.1 Watts ERP (Effective Radiated Power). There are two types of radiation:

Ionising Radiation includes the likes of Gamma Rays, X-Rays, Ultraviolet – the dangerous kind. This type of radiation is where waves are powerful enough to either change structure or damage electrons from molecules.

Typically, non-ionising radiation does not carry enough energy to cause damage, can be found in the likes of lower UV, Microwaves, Radio Waves, etc. Although typically harmless, information published by WHO advises that long term exposure to levels of non-ionising radiation can cause permanent damage in the forms of cancer or other disorders

At Apex Radio we take the safety of our customers and Two-Way radio users seriously. Our experienced Engineers and Service Team providers are aware of the possible damage that non-ionising radiation can cause. By using the OFCOM EMF calculator throughout the surveying and installation process we maintain safe separation between the equipment and end users/members of the public. We install safety precautions and measures on-site to make those personnel aware of any site areas that could cause harm.

Next Steps.

Did you receive an email?
Have you received an email from OFCOM and querying the impact it has on you? At Apex Radio Systems Ltd. we manage the OFCOM Licences for the majority of our Two-Way Radio users throughout the UK. If you have received an email, you are now required to check your radio equipment operates within the general public EMF limits set by ICNIRP. 

How do I do that?
Use the below spreadsheet and the information provided from OFCOM about your license, this will advise your exclusion zone. The steps within the spreadsheet will enable you to find out the safety distance that should be cordoned off to protect you and your staff. We can provide you with a Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety Sign if required, please contact us here.

Additional Assistance?
If you require additional assistance or have questions regarding this matter, please contact us at info@apexradio.com. At Apex Radio Systems we are happy to assist in any concerns you have. Since the announcement from ICNIRP, we have assisted many companies in relocating Radio Equipment to a more suitable location, with a small call out charge. Contact us today for more information.

If a conformance check of your current Radio System is required, we would be more than happy to visit the site and provide this for you. Please email us here and our Service Team will be in contact.