Radios in Mining and Quarrying

Two-Way Radios are broadly used by all industries especially within Quarry Management. Companies are able to effectively communicate critical messages, enhance health & safety, and generally improve their operations with the use of Handportable radios and additional infrastructure.

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Quarries are harsh and potentially dangerous places to work in, so a robust and reliable radio system is essential to ensure there is clear communication across the whole of the site covering everyone working there.

Any communications solution also has to be able to withstand the harsh environment and cope with dusty, muddy and wet conditions. Health and safety regulations also impose a duty of care on employers to safeguard their employees.

The continual movement of large plant vehicles across the site is a potential safety hazard and so the communications equipment needs to meet the strict standards set by the UK Health and Safety Regulations.

Going Beyond Radio

Today, as the world’s hunger for raw minerals continues to grow, investing in the right communication solution is critical to success.

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The Power of Team Communication

Discover the latest communications solutions to improve worker safety, efficiency and production in your operations.

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