Icom Visits Apex HQ

Thank you to the Icom UK team, Phil Holmes and Callum Stockley, for the deep-dive training at Apex HQ today. Our engineers and sales team received additional training on the Icom range of two-way radios, including LTE, Marine, Licence-free, Satellite, and Wi-Fi communication solutions.
Apex has always prioritised staff training and provided the necessary tools to be the best service provider—having these tailored training sessions from suppliers is key.

Business Development Consultant Gary Maughan attended the training and said, “Great update from the team at ICOM today. There are so many innovative solutions that will delight our customers.”

If you’d like to learn more about Icom LTE and the ability to have nationwide coverage with a fast & secure, one-to-many communication system, contact us at info@apexradio.com or on 0191 228 0466.