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Kenwood TK3501 T – 6 Pack

The new Kenwood TK 3501 hand-portable is designed for ‘Simplicity’, making it the ideal license-free radio for…

£800.00 £749.00 exc. VAT

Kenwood TK 3501 T

The new Kenwood TK 3501 hand-portable is designed for ‘Simplicity’, making it the ideal license-free radio for…

£139.00 £95.00 exc. VAT
Kenwood TK-3401DT

Kenwood TK-3401 DT

The new TK-3401D changes the game - a new digital PMR446 radio with 16 separate…

£191.00 £135.00 exc. VAT
Kenwood NX-200 : NX300

Kenwood NX-200 / NX300

VHF / UHF Digital & FM Transceiver PRODUCT FEATURES: Emergency Call Features Easy Option Port…

£579.00 exc. VAT
Kenwood NX-220 : NX-320

Kenwood NX-220 / NX-320

Kenwood is proud to introduce the new NX-x20 Series compact portable radio platform with NEXEDGE.…

£425.00 exc. VAT
Kenwood NX-700 : NX-800

Kenwood NX-700 / NX-800

VHF / UHF Digital & FM Transceiver PRODUCT FEATURES: 1- 25W Output Power 14-character alphanumeric…

£457.00 exc. VAT
Kenwood NX-720 : NX-820

Kenwood NX-720 / NX-820

H4. NEXEDGE® Mid Tier Mobile Radio VHF/UHF Digital & FM Transceiver The new NX-x20 Series…

£385.00 exc. VAT
Kenwood NXR-700 : NXR-800

Kenwood NXR-700 / NXR-800

NEXEDGE VHF Digital Conventional/Analogue Repeater/Base Station PRODUCT FEATURES: VHF : 146-174 MHz UHF : 440-470…

£2,690.00 exc. VAT
Kenwood NXR-710E  NXR-810E

Kenwood NXR-710E / NXR-810E

Kenwood’s new NXR-710E and NXR-810E conventional repeater/base stations are a key element in the NEXEDGEproduct…

£1,560.00 exc. VAT
Kenwood TK-2000 : 3000T

Kenwood TK-2000 / 3000T

Slim, thin and light – Kenwood’s TK-2000/3000 is supremely easy to handle and to operate.…

£150.00 exc. VAT
Kenwood TK-2170 : 3170

Kenwood TK-2170 / 3170

Kenwood’s TK-2170/3170 VHF/UHF portable radios provide easy operation plus versatility and reliability in a compact…

£268.00 exc. VAT
Kenwood TK-2180 : 3180

Kenwood TK-2180 / 3180

Kenwood’s next edition to it’s portables range is the new TK-2180 & TK3180. With their…

£364.00 exc. VAT
Kenwood TK-2302  3302

Kenwood TK-2302 / 3302

For clear, reliable communications indoors or out, rain or shine, there’s no beating Kenwood’s compact…

£209.00 exc. VAT
Kenwood TK-2312E : 3312E

Kenwood TK-2312E / 3312E

The TK-2312E/3312E VHF/UHF analogue portable radios are the ideal next generation solution for your installed…

£289.00 exc. VAT
Kenwood TK-2360E  TK-3360E

Kenwood TK-2360E / TK-3360E

Introducing the all new TK-x360 Series ultra sub-compact portable radio platform with expanded features and…

£280.00 exc. VAT
Kenwood TK-7160  TK-8160

Kenwood TK-7160 / TK-8160

Kenwood’s TK-7160/8160 mobiles provide the performance, power and quality for reliable communications in a wide…

£311.00 exc. VAT
Kenwood TK-7180 : TK-8180

Kenwood TK-7180 / TK-8180

Kenwood’s TK-7180 & TK-8180 offer a superb range of advanced features to play a key…

£364.00 exc. VAT
Kenwood TK-7189 8189

Kenwood TK-7189 / TK-8189

Like the TK-7180/8180, Kenwood’s TK-7189 & TK8189 offer a superb range of advanced features to…

£418.00 exc. VAT
Kenwood TK-7302E : TK-8302E

Kenwood TK-7302E / TK-8302E

Kenwood’s new TK-7302/8302 delivers reliable mobile performance with extra wideband coverage (UHF: 70MHz) and such…

£180.00 exc. VAT
Kenwood TK-7360E : TK-8360E

Kenwood TK-7360E / TK-8360E

Introducing the new TK-X360 Series mobile radios, for sale and use in EU countries. They…

£285.00 exc. VAT