Two-Way Radios in Industry

Crane Installation increases site safety in Manchester

The bluest of skies in Manchester whilst installing Motorola Solutions DM4400s for a leading construction company on their cranes this week.

Linking Shops, Leisure, Bars and Restaurants in Darlington

New radios have been given to pubs and shops to help ensure the town centre is as a safe place to visit.

Radios in Mining and Quarrying

Two-Way Radios are broadly used by all industries especially within Quarry Management.

Keep your Leisure, Caravan, Holiday Parks and Resorts connected with Two-Way Radios

Suppose you're looking to keep track of your rooms, supplies, facilities, communicate between departments, provide health and safety in all areas, and increase your staff efficiency.

Two Way Radios for Agriculture

Do you currently work within the agriculture sector and need the use of two-way radios?

Shopwatch set up in Wylde Green High Street

Apex has launched a Business Watch radio scheme in Wylde Green, Sutton Coldfield with support of West Midlands Police.

The use of two way radios in production, film and theatres…

If you work within theatre or film production, then you’ll know that good communication is essential in order for everything to go to plan smoothly. Two Way Radios play a big part in ensuring that everything runs according to plan and enables the whole crew to communicate with those necessary quickly and clearly and allows...

The use of two way radios in the workplace

Two way radios are an excellent addition to the workplace if you’re interested in improving productivity and efficiency.

The use of two way radios in airports

Airports often cover a large area and are extremely busy the majority of the time. Two way radios are used in a wide variety of sectors throughout an airport, such as engineering, catering, management, rail services, airlines. retail and security – but just how do the use of two way radios ensure that the all...

The use of two way radios for festivals, outdoor events etc…

Here in the UK , thousands of people flock to busy festivals over the summer period to watch their favourite artists. As well as this being a fantastic, enjoyable time for many – safety precautions must be taken into consideration to ensure that all events run smoothly and according to plan – preventing any danger...

The use of two way radios in amusement parks

Two Way Radios play a vital part in the safety and enjoyment of visiting theme parks. This is because with the use of one of our radios, we can help improve the efficiency and productivity of your staff, due to communication being possible in all areas throughout the site. Another key focus of our radios...

The importance of Two Way Radios for Hotels

Digital Two Way Radios are widely used across the hotel sector in order to operate in an efficient manner and to increase the safety and productivity of their customers and employees.
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