Digital Two Way Radio Communication Solution for Jaguar Land Rover Cars Manufacturing Site

Communication Needs:

Jaguar Land Rover in Castlevale is a largely expanding site. Currently still undergoing a £450 million regeneration.  In 2015, they approached Apex Radio Systems Ltd in order to design a communication solution that would help them in this period of expansion, whilst allowing scalability once the project is completed. It was important to them that any system they chose was the latest technology allowing for futureproofing of their radio solution.

Jaguars aim was to be able to have communication between all managers and factory workers across their site, they wanted flexibility and a system which provided private call and users groups, increasing effectiveness within the workforce.

Taking this into consideration a Digital solution was the best option for them.

The product Apex presented was the Motorola DP4600, which Jaguar were able to assess first hand when two of their managers visited Apex.  The Motorola DP4000 Series radios provided them with reliability, durability and flexibility of operation.

Testing and Results:

Currently, the radios are able to work back to back without the need for infrastructure. Jaguar Land Rover have over 60 radios in operation affording communication across the workforce, adding productivity and allowing the continual flow of operation without downtime.

As it can be quite a noisy environment some radio operatives have taken advantage of the large range of accessories available for the Motorola DP4000 Series and are using Remote Speaker microphones, allowing the radio to be worn on the best using the provided belt clip, but the sound and voice operations clipped onto the shoulder to allow ease of communication and closer to the users ear, without interfering with any Statutory PPE used on site

The clients carried out additional tests back onsite alongside the Apex-1000 non-display radio, which is a cost effective Digital radio which Apex has recently sourced. They have opted for a mix of both the Motorola DP4600 and the Apex 1000 non-display radios.


  • Jaguar Land Rover cars manufacturing site
  • Reliable and modern products required
  • Off-site training
  • Digital Solution – Motorola DP4600 and Apex 1000
  • Wide range of accessories