Digital Two Way Radio Hire for Newcastle University


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Newcastle University is a major education centre in the North East with more than 20, 000 students from all over the world. Its main campus is located in Newcastle city centre with several other university facilities and schools across the city.


Communication Needs

Newcastle University and its Student Union collaborates closely with Apex during major University events. This year NUSU needed a radio communication system to ensure the smooth running of The First Year Conference 2015, also known as Fresher’s Fair.

The customer expressed that this year it was needed to expand the radio communication system to multiple sites across the city, as the Fresher’s events were based all over Newcastle, and it was crucial for event organisers to be able to communicate effectively across all these sites for numerous reasons, including students’ safety.



Apex arranged for our Customer Services Advisor and Senior Engineer to go and meet the client.

During discussions with the customer it was revealed that previous analogue hires occasionally had suffered from poorer audio quality and some drop offs in coverage. Based on these facts, Apex offered a digital two way radio solution which would improve the audio quality and coverage.

One of the challenges Apex faced when looking to upgrade the customer system was swapping out multiple existing analogue base stations from around the city.  This ensured that the customer would get great coverage across all of the focal points throughout the North East.

In conjunction with this, Apex had several other major radio hires ongoing within the same areas. This obviously created a logistically complex situation surrounding the allocation of radio frequencies. We had to make sure that all of Apex’s radios coding files could work in conjunction with each other without creating any interference.


Testing & Results


Apex carried out several coverage tests once all of the infrastructure was in place. We did this across all of the customers requested channels. Once we were happy that the coverage was an improvement we sent the client a few test radios to use at several key locations.

We upgraded the full hire fleet for Newcastle University Student Union seamlessly and without any issues. It consisted of 65 handportable Hytera PD705 digital radios complimented with Hytera radio earpieces and two MD 785 desktop units. The customer was delighted with the service Apex provided and went on record as to say “it was the best year yet” in reference to the radio communications system.




  • Newcastle University and Student Union – one of the biggest universities in North East
  • Fresher’s Fair 2015 – events across Newcastle upon Tyne
  • On-site engineer support
  • Testing
  • On-site training
  • Digital Solution – 65 Hytera PD 705 VHF, 2 MD 785Desktop Units
  • “The best year yet”


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