New Look


New Look is one of the premier retails in UK and Europe, providing on trend fashion for women, men and teens, offering affordable fashion for all occasions.

Since the first store opened in 1969 New Look have grown to have over 800 stores worldwide becoming a firm favourite in the UK, being the nation’s second favourite womenswear retailer.

Because of this New Look have relied on staff efficiency to provide an exemplary shopping experience to its customers.  Part of the way they do this is using Two Way Radio.

Communication Needs

Key staff members have radios and this allows them to communicate with Dressing Rooms and stores to get the fashion items the client needs quickly with minimal disruption.

Apex have been lucky to help support New Look for over 15 years and recently this year we conducted a review of their needs and worked with them to provide a family of products that would suit the varying natures of their stores.


Previously New Look had a mixture of traditional Licensed and PMR446 Two Way Radios, however these were not always suitable for the end user of the radio, being heavy and not fitting with the Brand of New Look.

With the development of technologies over the last few years, smaller, more discreet products have become available and it is here the Motorola CLP446 provided a solution.  Small and stylish it provides a discreet form of communication and with the integral earpiece, it means customers are not disturbed by transmissions made.

Some of the New Look stores are larger and cover several floors, for these stores where the CLP 446 do not cover, they have settled upon the Apex 500 as the radio of choice, this licensed product allows coverage into all critical areas, whilst still being a small, compact and easy to use radio, giving good service for these large busy stores.

Apex also administer the servicing of existing radios for New Look and have embarked upon a rollout of the new system where we handle all carriage and deliver to stores within agreed time frames.  We currently supply radios to the stores both in the UK and France.


The feedback from the end user at store has been very positive and they enjoy using the radios on a daily basis and find the equipment allows them to be flexible and react to customer enquiries in a positive and proactive manner.


  • New Look – one of the biggest retailers in the UK and Europe
  • Discreet product needed to effectively communicate with key staff members
  • Supplied Motorola CLP446 and Apex 500