Newcastle United – St James Park

Newcastle united are a premiership football team, with crowds in excess of 52,000 people on match days.  Alongside the football element St James’s park is one of the largest conferencing and banqueting venues in the North East, hosting events throughout the year such as trade exhibitions and conferences and Christmas Parties and stadium tours.

As a prestigious and modern stadium it is often lucky enough to host other events during the off season such as the Magic Weekend for Rugby League and the Rugby World Cup.  It is therefore, a year round venue which is extremely busy and demands efficiency to allow it to successfully meet its clients and guests needs.

Apex have supported Newcastle Untied for many years with their original Motorola Analogue system that they had onsite, after consultation and assessment of the radio equipment it was proposed to Newcastle united that they might wish to consider that the system be eventually upgraded and we start towards a course of Digital migration.

After several site visits and meeting, Newcastle Untied, decide that the time was right for them to revamp the whole system and they wanted Apex Radio Systems Ltd to propose to them a full Digital Radio system that would benefit their requirements, exceed the capabilities of their current Analogue system and offer them growth for the future.


After careful consideration and taking in the need for NUFC to have a system that was durable, reliable, feature rich and ultimately user friendly we presented different digital two way product to them.  After much discussion and careful consideration of the proposals the team at St James’ NUFC decided upon The Vertex Everge Digital System.

In order to establish site-wide communication Apex advise that the Ofcom licence be changed to UHF from the original VHF and that to replace the existing Analogue infrastructure to 3 Digital Repeaters, each giving 2 slots would double their group capacity and allow coverage even into the previously hard to penetrate 7 Floor block on the West Stand.

The main features used are the emergency function and they were particularly impressed with the ease of this for a worker to raise an alert and for control to know who had an incident and issue action as per their protocol.

The radios are used throughout the stadium by many departments including match day personnel, Security, Hospitality, Catering, Back of House and Marketing.  Each department has the ability to communicate side wide, but also within their own group, causing minimal disturbance to other radio users.  There is also an Emergency Function; which in the case of any emergency all users can be notified to turn there radio to channel 16.

In total the system consists of in excess of 200 handportables a mixture of part display EVX 534 and full display Vertex EVX 539.  This allows for private call and text messaging also to enhance the voice communication they heavily use on site.


Alongside the radios supplied to NUFC; Sodexo have their onsite facilities company also have their own system which whilst running separately can link with the main system too, and they were provided with over 140 EVX 534 to use.

Used alongside audio accessories the personnel at NUFC St James’ are armed ready to communicate across the site , it helps them be more productive, handle incidents professionally and speedily, it improves staff confidence as there is now site wide coverage that is clear and crisp and ultimately as all staff can communicate professionally departments run smoothly and efficiently.