Milton Keynes Partners Against Crime

“Milton Keynes Partners Against Crime have worked with Apex Radio Systems since 2009 when we put out to tender the radio link scheme. Back then we were looking for a radio company to give us a technically competent analogue radio system that would provide good coverage throughout Milton Keynes and also extend to Bletchley.

After hearing from all the tenders we decided to award the contract to Apex Radio Systems Ltd. We truly felt they offered the most comprehensive package that met our technical, time scale and financial requirements the best.

We have not been disappointed by the decision that we have made and that’s why we haven’t looked further than Apex when we decided to upgrade our existing analogue system to digital. We knew that Apex would meet our expectation in terms of technical installation, deadlines and ongoing professional service and support.

The ‘digital upgrade’ in 2015 again assured us that Apex is the best company to work with in terms of radio communications as they once again provided a great technical solution, installation and support. They were able to connect and cover three large shopping centres in the heart of Milton Keynes, their CCTV control rooms and local Police force with new digital two way radio technology. This increasingly extended the radio coverage and significantly improved the audio quality throughout the scheme.

Milton Keynes PAC has been working in partnership with Apex for quite a time now and we are certain that we made the right decision for our area.  We get regular administrative updates from Apex regarding users on the scheme and can contact them at any time and ask for assistance knowing that they will provide us with the information we require.

We also have a “Shared Revenue” agreement with Apex where a percentage of the money received from radio hires comes back to Milton Keynes PAC. This way we can promote sustainability of the scheme and reinvest these funds to benefit the area for all our members making Milton Keynes a fantastic place to shop and spend time, promoting staff and customer safety.

In summary, I find Apex to be a professional and customer driven company to work with, I would not hesitate to recommend them to any other town or city who were contemplating developing an existing scheme or considering a change of supplier. I feel that with their level of expertise, in developing radio link schemes, they could help any area provide a radio system that will really benefit the community by which it is used.

In my opinion Apex are committed to working in partnership with local agencies to ensure the service they provide, creates the best possible outcome for the radio users.

If you would like to discuss this matter in more detail please feel free to contact me.”

Keith Lawson

Partnership Manager