Happy New Year from Apex Radio Systems!

Happy New Year from Apex Radio Systems!

Hi Everyone!

Putting yet another year behind us, we want to thank you, our clients, for giving us the success and determination that have enabled us to be working at the standard we currently are today. Without you, 2017 wouldn’t have been as successful as we believe it to have been.

Throughout 2017, we’ve reached some fantastic achievements, and by going from strength to strength, we’ve managed to reach a new quality standard and we were also awarded a platinum Motorola status, which means we are at the top of the recommended dealers in the UK to supply and commission Motorola radio products.

To ensure we were the best we could be, Apex also decided that 2017 was the year we would apply for an upgrade from the old ISO9001:2008 and reassess our quality system to make it so it was in line with current requirements to ensure we operated in a way that benefits our clients. We achieved accreditation in August and are now working within the ISO9001:2015, to continue to give the high quality service that we have become known for over the past 27 years in business.

As well as this, we also want to thank our staff here at Apex Radio Systems over the last year, who throughout have made personal achievements of their own, whether this be junior staff who have completed apprenticeship qualifications, to our senior staff who have participated in ongoing training to better their knowledge continuously and the job that they provide.

At Apex Radio Systems, it is our promise to provide you with the highest standard possible, and that is why we want to fill you with confidence that throughout the year ahead, we will do anything necessary to provide you with exactly it is you need.

As well as providing a wide variety of two way radios to specifically adapt to the environment / industry that you work within, we also offer a series of services that will help you with your purchase and prolong your investment.

We have a fully operational workshop to handle any spares and repairs enquiries.  Our friendly sales team have also been specifically trained to be able to provide you with the best product for your system – therefore from the point of first contact, our team will guide you with whatever it may be along the way.

As well as offering our radios as long term investments, we also offer the option of a short term hire – whether it be through an annual period of business, or to cover an event, this option may be perfect for you!

Please don’t forget about the variety of accessories we also offer too. Ranging from earpieces to noise cancellation headsets, our audio accessories work towards complimenting your radios and enhancing your performance.

With whatever it is you need, please contact us now on 0191 228 0466.

We hope to hear from you soon!


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