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on September 6th, 2021

2021 is the year of the staycation; with the demand so high, and capacity like we’ve never seen before, ensure your holiday parks and staff have the appropriate tools to meet the demand of upcoming guests. Enabling staff to communicate quickly and efficiently through the use of two-way radios is the solution! Are you prepared?

Suppose you’re looking to keep track of your rooms, supplies, facilities, communicate between departments, provide health and safety in all areas, and increase your staff efficiency. In that case, Apex Radio Systems has extensive industry knowledge plus 30 years of professional experience to deliver your bespoke two-way radio solution.

Anything from a budget, cost-effective, licence-free PMR446 radios for a small team of staff to an extensive complex radio system requiring additional infrastructure, we can tailor your solution to your needs. Alternatively, we offer the option to hire two-way radios.

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Licence Free Radios
PMR (Personal Mobile Radios) radios are perfect for communication over smaller areas. They can provide up to 0.5 – 1 mile of coverage. Unlike Licenced Radios, Walkie Talkies devices do not need any advanced programming – they are ready to be used straight from the box. Effective and efficient. Here are our recommendations for License Free Radios:
Motorola XT420
Motorola XT660d
Kenwood TK-3501

Licenced Radios
Licensed radio is roughly 8 times more powerful in comparison to licence-free radio thus they offer significantly better coverage. The licensed radios can cover up to 2.5 miles in open territory. They operate on specific frequencies which ensure channel security and keep other radio users from interfering. In addition, professional licensed radios offer a wide range of functionalities and applications. Here's our recommendations for Licensed Radios:
Motorola DP1400
Motorola DP4400e
Hytera BD615

Hire Radios
Two-Way Radio Hire through Apex Radio Systems eliminates the need to purchase a system that can be a big investment. We offer Long and Short-Term hires, allowing customers the hardware as well as the guaranteed service and upkeep of the product if it were to fail.

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