Two Way Radios in Construction

two way radios in constructionTwo way radios are broadly used within the construction industry to help the site managers to coordinate their workforce more effectively. Two way radios deliver crucial messages instantly, are robust and are one of the crucial safety tools on construction sites.

Two way radios are perfect for construction sites as they are tough and durable. Many of the two way radios now offer ingress protection rating of 67 which means they are dust and waterproof – making them an excellent tool for working outside in harsh weather conditions or dusty places. Furthermore, two way radios are rugged devices and are protected against drops and falls and come with powerful speakers – again very handy for construction sites. Depending on the site’s size and infrastructure around, construction companies use both licence free and licenced radios.

Benefits of two-way radio for construction:

  • Dust and waterproof
  • Handsfree
  • Instant communication
  • Man down and Lone Worker functions
  • Unsafe situations resolved quickly

Testimonial: Metnor Construction

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