Two Way Radios in Hospitality

two way radios in hospitalityTwo way radios are very popular within the hospitality industry. From large hotels to small bars, two way radios always provide a reliable form of communication.

In today’s era when customers are more informed than ever before, the hospitality industry is under great pressure to provide an outstanding service. Professional communication is therefore a must.

Larger hotels use two way radios for many different purposes and between different departments. The front of house or reception can instantly inform housekeeping to provide extra towels, toiletries, or emergency cleaning. Radios are also used between porters and the reception to speed up the communication and service. If the hotel has multiple restaurants and bars they also can communicate together simultaneously. Furthermore, two way radios in hotels are also used to enhance safety and security.

Two way radio systems which we would recommend to a larger hotel would depend on the hotel size and requirements they have. We generally would incline to digital systems as they offer more applications such as group calling, individual calling, text messaging, task management etc.…. For instance, Motorola DP4000 series could provide all of these and more. It is also a very durable and professional product. Hytera PD505 is also very popular within the hospitality industry.

If discreet radio communication is required we would recommend you look at the Motorola SL4000 or Motorola SL1600. These are fairly discreet digital radios with advanced applications and a wide range of accessories are also available. If the budget doesn’t stretch that far you could also have a look at the slightly cheaper alternatives from Hytera’s PD3 series: Hytera PD365 and Hytera PD355.

The above two way radio products can also apply to smaller hotels or boutique hotels as they may have the similar requirements. However, some hotels can also get away with licence free radios in case the area which needs to be covered is not as large.

Very popular licence free radios in the hospitality industry are the Motorola XT420 and Motorola XT460. Many of the smaller hotels with spas and leisure centres require two way radios for communication and in these cases we would recommend Icom F29SR as it is lightweight, dust and waterproof. We know from our experience that the radios get dropped in the pools quite frequently and that’s why we would definitely go for the most waterproof product. Icom F29SR is also often recommended to bars and restaurants for similar reasons.

In our client portfolio from the hospitality industry you can find different sized hotels including Hilton, Premier Inns, Copthorn Hotels, Marriott Hotels, The Chester Residence … Some of the restaurants, bars, and hospitality venues include JD Wetherspoons, Apartment Group, Sodexo Prestige at Newcastle United FC, Newcastle Racing and Events …

If you need any advice about a two way radio system for your hotel please get in touch with us as we are certain we can recommend to you the most suitable solution for your needs and budgets.

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