Two Way Radios in Retail

two way radios in retailTwo way radios are widely used in the retail industry. Retailers and shopping outlets use two way radios for effective and instant communication between warehouses, offices and staff members, security & loss prevention teams, operations, facilities management, and even CCTV control rooms and Police.

We at Apex Radio Systems supply handportable two way radios to hundreds of retailers across the UK and Ireland including Boots, New Look, TK Maxx, Jack Wills, Argos, and many more…

Our clients rely on two way radios to communicate across large areas such as shop floors, warehouses or stock rooms in a highly effective manner to ensure that shoppers have a better retail experience. Use of two way radios also reduces customer waiting time, especially when checking for stock and getting more co-workers to till points to reduce queue times.

Two way radios are also a great tool to enhance safety and security in your premises. In cases of shoplifting, antisocial behaviour or even a robbery, two way radios can alarm the security teams.

In the busy retail environment you need strong and reliable communications and also a product which can guarantee that you can hear over the hustle and bustle of your busy shop floor. This is what we guarantee to offer you with our bespoke two way radio systems.

Some of the radios up for recommendation in the Retail industry are the Hytera PD705LT which has High-Spectrum Efficiency, dual modes for Analogue and Digital, and a durable battery make it a popular and cost effective option.

The Icom F2000 with IP 67 making it waterproof and dustproof, lightweight design and large internal speakers make it easy to hear in a loud environment.

The Hytera TC610 is another popular model as it has a powerful audio range, covers a wide area for communication and is a great model for people working on a budget.

One of our biggest clients, New Look, use licence free radios mainly for their internal communication and they find licence free radios really sufficient in many of their stores and that’s why we would also recommend Motorola CLP446 – licence free radio, extremely lightweight and small which is perfect for a shop’s internal communication.

Benefits of two way radios for retailers:

  • Effective communication across shop floor, warehouses, stock rooms
  • Better shopping experience & reduced customers’ waiting time
  • Enhanced safety & security
  • Reduced stock losses
  • Cost effective, durable, and reliable communication
  • Large variety of radio models & accessories available

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