Two Way Radios in Waste management

two way radios in waste managementTwo way radios are broadly used by waste management companies to effectively communicate critical messages, enhance health & safety, and to generally improve their operations.

Two way radios provide an easy and efficient way to connect the plants, logistics and vehicles with operations managers, controllers and supervisors. Various software applications are available for two way radios making the operations more effective.

Some of the waste management companies have ATEX areas where intrinsically safe equipment has to be used as waste can produce flammable gases. ATEX two way radios are specially developed and tested to be suitable for combustible environments (learn more about ATEX radios here).

More and more waste management companies are using two way radios to also enhance the safety of their workforce and digital two way radios are a highly popular option. Features such as Lone Worker and Mandown are lifesaving applications of two way radios and allow supervisors to monitor the lone workers’ wellbeing.

In addition to safety features, digital radios offer software applications and additional features such as text messaging, group call, direct call, GPS etc. … Digital radios also have better audio and feature industrial noise cancelling ensuring the users are heard more clearly.

Two way radios are also very robust devices designed to be tough against drops and falls on concrete flooring, they are dust and waterproof, and can be easily used with gloves. Furthermore, the batteries for two way radios are designed to last at least 8 hours.

Benefits of two way radios in waste management:

  • Wide area coverage with repeaters or / and linking multiple sites via internet
  • Instant communication of critical messages
  • Strong and clear audio
  • Robust, rugged, durable, dust and waterproof, long lasting battery
  • Digital radios offer additional features (group call, direct call, text messaging, job ticketing, and more)
  • Enhanced safety features such as Lone Worker and Mandown
  • ATEX / intrinsically safe equipment available
  • Software applications available for ease of operations


Case Study: Shanks – Waste Management

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