Hytera GC550 Body-Worn Camera

Introducing Hytera’s New GC550 2K Mini Body Camera. The Mini Body Camera is designed to capture clear photos and videos as objective evidence from the field to the court. It boasts a variety of powerful features, both hardware and software, to promote transparency of law enforcement and workplace interaction, as well as to ensure safety for professionals on duty. Its 2K HD wide-angle camera records more details in a super-wide field of view.

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GC550 as a new member of the Hytera body camera series is the smallest in size and lightest in weight; its ergonomic layout and shape make it easy to operate single-handedly. The sliding switch enables the quick start of recording in emergencies and intuitively shows the recording status through its position.

It’s Mini in Size, Light weight with Maximum Power camera. Smaller than even a standard business card and weighing in at just 115 grams, the GC550 is so easy to hold or attach to the front pocket of the user thanks to the 360 swivel clip. This compact but mighty camera is light weight and easy for frontline staff to wear and use.

With High-Definition Quality wide-angled recording with 2K Resolution. Video resolution matters. The GC550 records every encounter that occurs around the user in ultra-clear 2K resolution. It provides a wider angle view of the scene capturing more details of the incident. Crisp and clear videos help to reveal crucial information especially when evidence is needed.

Officers can wear GC550 on the epaulette or the front pocket by using different carrying accessories. A 360° swivel clip allows officers to easily rotate GC550 and find the best recording angle.

GC550 has a field replaceable main battery that can record videos continuously up to 9 hours at 720p. For an extra-long shift, take a spare battery, and swap it quickly for another 9 hours. During battery replacement, GC550 can keep recording for 5 minutes thanks to the built-in backup battery.

The intuitive sliding switch makes recording activation easier than ever. Its changes of physical position on the camera help officers to know whether the recording is on or off with a simple glance, even in intense and stressful situations.

Data security design, to deal with sudden drop or impact, to ensure that the recorded video is automatically saved in time.

Product Specifications:
Battery Life

IP Rating



73 mm x 48 mm x 25.5 mm


Package Includes:
  • GC550 Body-Worn Camera
  • Battery
  • USB Type C Data Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • Swivel Clip (Clip on Pocket Swivel additional extra)

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