Icom IC-F1000T (VHF) /IC-F2000T (UHF)
Icom IC-F1000T (VHF) /IC-F2000T (UHF) Icom IC-F1000T (VHF) /IC-F2000T (UHF)
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Icom IC-F1000T (VHF) /IC-F2000T (UHF)

£237.60 incl. VAT

  • The Icom IC F1000T is an analogue, licenced radio from Icom with full keypad and display.
  • The Icom F1000T offers convenient features such as a built-in motion sensor, channel announcement function, loud audio and a rugged waterproof & dust proof chassis.
  • The F1000T radio is ideal for a wide range of businesses such as those involved in the education, hospitality, retail, and facility management sectors.


The Icom F1000T / F2000T is the newest addition to the Icom’s F1000 series and it is a licenced, analogue radio with a full keypad.

The F1000 series is the newest replacement for the very popular predecessors F3002/F4002.

Enhanced emergency applications such as Lone Worker and Man Down are programmable functions of this radio which already has a built-in motion sensor. These are lifesaving functions and are priceless in emergency situations.

The F1000T has a full keypad and 4 programmable buttons. These allow its users to send preprogrammed and actual text messages.

This radio is easy to use, small, lightweight and rugged which makes it super durable. This is backed with IP67 rating what means it is dust and waterproof. Despite the small size this radio has a great audio which is provided by an 800mW speaker. The F1000T battery can also deliver up to 14 hours of operating time.

This is a full power, licenced radio and requires an Ofcom licence. We at Apex always ensure that our clients’ equipment works together with their existing fleet and also in line with Ofcom regulations.

Icom IC-F1000T/F2000T Product Features

  • Analogue
  • Licenced
  • Compact, lightweight hand-portable series
  • IP67 Waterproof and Dust-tight Protection (1 metre depth for 30 mins)
  • Built-in Motion Sensor
  • Easy to Hear in a Noisy Environment
  • Inversion Voice Scrambler
  • 14 Hours of Operating Time with Supplied Waterproof Battery
  • Quiet Stand-by and More
  • Channel Announcement

Icom IC-F1000T/F2000T Product Package

  • Icom IC-F1000t/F2000T Radio
  • Li-Ion Battery
  • Rapid Charger
  • Beltclip
  • User Guide

Due to the durability of the product and its reach of up to 2.5 miles in open territory we would recommend it mainly for larger construction sites, manufacturing, and outdoor industries. It is also a great communication tool for security officers, event organisers and leisure centres.

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