Kenwood TK3501T - 6 Pack
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Kenwood TK3501T – 6 Pack

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  • The Kenwood TK3501 – 6 Pack is one of the best-selling analogue, licence free radios currently on the market.
  • Due to the popularity of this radio we designed a special offer package where you get 6 Kenwood TK3501 with the 6-way charger. This ensures your radios can all be charged and stored together without needing 6 separate sockets.
  • It is an entry level radio predominantly popular within smaller schools or warehouses which don’t need very large area coverage.


The Kenwood TK 3501 hand-portable is perfect as an entry level radio and one of the bestselling PMR446 radios on the market. It is simple and very easy to use what provides hassle-free communication solution. The operation of this radio doesn’t require a licence therefore you can use it straight from the box.

The Kenwood TK3501 is the replacement for very successful Kenwood TK 3301 and its predecessors. If you are looking to upgrade your existing fleet of Kenwood licence-free radios this is the model you are looking for. The audio accessories from the previous model are also compatible with the TK 3501.

Kenwood TK3501T – 6 Pack Product Features:

  • Licence-free
  • Analogue two way radio
  • Simple and Easy to use
  • Doesn’t require programming software
  • Kenwood TK 3301 replacement with compatible audio accessories

Kenwood TK3501T – 6 Pack Product Package:

  • Six Kenwood TK3501T Radios
  • Li-ion high capacity battery
  • Antenna
  • Cover plate
  • 6 way charger

The Kenwood TK3501T radio is perfect for smaller coverage areas needs such as smaller school, warehouse or construction sites.

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