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Kenwood TK3601D

This product is discontinued. Please contact us via LiveChat, email at or give us a call at 0191 228 0466 for an alternative solution.

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This product is discontinued. Please contact us via LiveChat, email at or give us a call at 0191 228 0466 for an alternative solution.

A professional quality license-free handset, the TK-3601D operates on the 446MHz bandwidth in both analogue and digital mode. With a lightweight yet robust construction and high quality audio, the TK-3601D is a flexible, affordable two way radio ideal as a starter solution in sectors such as hospitality, education and retail.

The TK-3601D expands Kenwood’s ProTalk Digital PMR446 unlicensed range, joining the TK-3401D, with which it is fully compatible. In look and feel, however, it borrows something from the ultra-compact, ultra-lightweight PKT-23, sharing a similar modern design and front-face Push-To-Talk (PTT) button, but with the addition of a screen.

Built with use in business and industry in mind, the TK-3601D meets rigorous construction standards, complying with the United States Military Standards (MIL-STD) for shock and vibration and passing the IP67 rating for dust protection. Weighing in at just 160g, it is extremely light and portable as well as durable.

As a dual analogue-digital two way radio, the TK-3601D is ideal for businesses that already run analogue radios but want to upgrade to digital gradually. Switching between analogue and digital modes is straightforward, and it comes with 16 channels in analogue and 32 in digital.

Kenwood two way radios are renowned for their audio quality and the TK-3601D is no exception. In digital mode, it benefits from Kenwood’s AMBE+2 Vocoder which eliminates residual noise to deliver clearer, more natural sounding voice. The technology also eliminates the delay sometimes associated with digital radio, while a powerful 750mW internal output speaker makes sure messages can be heard even in the noisiest environments.

In battery saving mode, the TK-3601D can last for up to 19 hours on a single charge. It comes with an in-built voice scrambler for keeping communications secure.

The TK-3601D’s controls and interface are designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. The white backlit one-line LCD display is bright and clear in all lights. There are two simple scroll buttons for navigating call group lists, while a seven-colour LED light on the front can be set up to indicate the source of each call with a different colour.

Operating on the free-to-use 446 MHz UHF frequency range means customers don’t have to buy a license to use the TK-3601D, helping to keep costs down.

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