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Motorola CLK446

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  • Motorola CLK446 is a licensed UHF radio.
  • Motorola CLK446 has a wide range of features, such as a longer battery life, a push to talk button, customer programming software, 20 channels and LED display as well as many, many more.
  • The CLK446 is both simple yet productive, enabling you to collaborate with your employees instantly and to respond to your customers every need.

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Motorola Solutions’ CLK446 Walkie Talkie is a sleek device that will help to portray a professional image for your business – with its incredibly versatile, lightweight and comfortable to wear build.

The CLK446 is unlike any other portable radio currently out there on the market.

With its slim profile, varied range of audio options and intuitive ergonomics, it is both simple yet productive and balances its iconic design with excellent performance and everyday durability. This enables you to be able to collaborate with your employees instantly and respond to your customers in a quick, effective manner – each helping to improve the service throughout your enterprise.

Motorola CLK446 Product Features:

  • Extended Talk Range – Communicate up to 7,400 square meters.
  • Longer Battery Life – 9 hours
  • Reliable and Durable
  • Auto Power Off
  • Voice Announcement
  • Customer Programming Software
  • Call Tones
  • VOX – Providing Hand Free Options
  • Antimicrobial Coating
  • Push To Talk Button
  • 20 Channels
  • LED Display
  • Licensed UHF Radio

Motorola CLK446 Product Package:

  • Radio
  • Battery Li-Ion 1130mAh
  • Spring Belt Clip
  • Wired Earpiece
  • Complete Charger

Product Video:

Due to the Walkie Talkie being small and lightweight, with the added need for a headset. The Motorola CLK446 is perfect for the retail sector, provided the shop floor is small enough for the PMR446 frequency to reach.
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