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Motorola CLPe License Free Radio

191.99 incl. VAT

Motorola Solutions’ CLPe unlicensed two-way radio combines comfort, durability and simplicity in a sleek design.

Designed to protect your investment, the CLPe is IP54 rated to resist dust and water that could otherwise damage the radio. When paired with a durable earpiece, the CLPe can stand up to your busiest days and heaviest uses. Working an extended shift? No problem; the long lasting battery helps you power through up to 20 hours of communication and collaboration.

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With rising pressure of online shopping and visitor reviews, customer experience is a top priority. Your team needs to connect instantly, respond quickly to address customer requests and provide premium service. From back-of-house to front-of-store, the CLPe Series is your stylish and essential team communication tool built to last all day, everyday.

The CLPe Series is small, lightweight and easy to use with simple one-button push-to-talk (PTT) operation for communication in an instant. Quickly check essential radio information at a glance with the smart status glow ring, and reduce missed messages with louder and clearer audio for precise communication between users. All this performance is protected by a rugged radio housing and long-lasting battery.

The CLPe Series is ready to provide all-day performance and is customisable to your work environment with licensed and unlicensed radio models and a range of radio accessories including different chargers, carry options and earpieces.

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