Motorola SL4000E Digital Radio

  • This product has been discontinued, please contact us for an alternative compatible solution via LiveChat or call us at 0191 228 0466. 
  • Alternatively, have a look at the SL1600 or SL2600
  • SL4000E radio belongs to the Mototrbo SL4000E series
  • With it’s slim and light form factor incorporated with high performance integrated voice and data, it will help to increase productivity within your workplace.
  • It has a variety of factors including Wi-Fi, Indoor tracking, over the air software, improved power and expandability, greater range and greater clarity.
  • The new Motorola E series of radios come with many different Battery, Charger, Antenna and Additional Function options. Please contact Apex by phone, email or LiveChat before purchasing to ensure that you are getting the correct package at a great price.

Motorola SL4010E and SL4000E are both licensed radios within the SL4000E series. They are one of the additions within the MOTOTRBO family. With these radios your workforce will be more connected, productive and more efficient. These portable radios are designed for a manager that needs complete control over their workforce. With their slim and light form factor incorporating high-performance integrated voice and data, these next generation radios will deliver smart connectivity to your organisation. Features for these next generation radios include indoor location tracking, Bluetooth, an optional man down feature, improved expandability, an increased transmitter power for a greater range, selectable power levels and upgraded audio for greater clarity at high volume. With all these features, why wouldn’t you want this radio in your organisation?

The Motorola SL4000E series range is a family of compliant and slim radios that connects you with sophistication. The pocket-sized radio has a full keypad and a screen with customisable display screens. This series also includes a built-in vibrate mode for situations in which require you to be discreet and a range of audio accessories to allow you to stay connected with your customers without disturbing them…

As well as this, the Motorola SL4000E series range enables you to use Bluetooth and location tracking. It also enables you to have access to powerful audio and advanced noise cancellation wherever you are – which would be ideal for a noisy environment. Integrated Wi-Fi is also available on the device and a 280 character text messaging services simplifies complex communications.

Overall, the Motorola SL4000E series is excellent for staff who want to make the most of their day. It contains many features all in order to help organisations be more connected, productive and efficient. Advanced features such as the larger range and noise cancellation also mean that it can be used over a very large premises and loud noise wouldn’t be an issue.

The Motorola enhanced range of radios offers many variants and highly technical solutions to meet your radio needs.  Each part of the Motorola Enhanced family has different capabilities and add-on possibilities.  We encourage you to call to chat to one of our sales or technical team who can discuss your needs and produce a proposal based upon your unique – bespoke requirements.

One solution certainly does not fit all, but here at Apex we are on hand to provide you knowledge and guidance on which radios are best for you and your needs.

Motorola SL4000E Digital Radio Product Features:

  • IP54 Rated
  • Up To 1000 Channels
  • Small and Ultra Lightweight
  • Integrated Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • High Definition 5 Line Colour Display
  • Full Keypad
  • Capacity Plus Ready

Motorola SL4000E Digital Radio Product Package:

  • Hand portable radio
  • Battery
  • Antenna
  • Holster

The Motorola SL4000e is great for the Hospitality sector.

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Product Features:

Product Specifications:

Licence Type



Atex Approved

Battery Life


Dedicated Emergency Button



Freeform Text Messages


Group Call

IP Rating




Output Power

Pre-programmed text messages

Private Call

Programmable Buttons





  • A SL4000e Display UHF Radio
  • Li-Ion Battery
  • Carry Holster
  • Plug-In Charger
  • User guide

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