Motorola XT460 with Charger

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  • Motorola XT460 is one of the bestselling Motorola licence free two way radios.
  • Includes charger
  • We usually supply the XT460 to smaller warehouses, schools and hospitality venues.
  • This is the newest replacement for the very popular XTNiD series.
  • Looking for more power? Check out Motorola xt460 6 Pack edition

Motorola XT460 is one of the bestselling Motorola licence free two-way radio with a display. It has truly modern design and was built with durability in mind. Therefore, Motorola XT460 is a perfect entry or higher level radio. This is the replacement for the very popular XTNiD series. Therefore, if you are looking to upgrade your existing fleet this is the model you need.

With the built-in 1500 mW loudspeaker, the Motorola XT460 delivers loud and clear audio. In addition, this speaker has wind-noise reduction allowing the users to receive clearer voice transmission.

Motorola XT460 comes with the IP55 rating making it more durable against dust and water. In fact, Motorola tested the durability of this radio against blowing rain, vibration, salt fog, blowing dust, shock, and temperature.

Considering the fact that the Motorola XT460 is licence free radio, it is more suitable for smaller sites as it can reach up to 0.5 miles in open space.

This product packaging also includes an optional charger and it comes with the best price guaranteed. At Apex, we constantly monitor this product online to ensure that our clients receive the best offer.


License Free PMR446 frequencies

Operates on the PMR446 frequency which is a license free frequency offering 8 channels.

Easy to read display

View your operating channel easily with the readable display

Enhanced audio

1500 mW speaker provides clear communication without any interference in noisy areas

Rugged Design with antimicrobial coating

Meets military specifications for sealing against dust, wind, shock, vibration and other adverse conditions.

Programmable buttons

The Motorola XT460 comes with 4 programmable buttons, making it quick and easy to access features

Channel announcement

Programmable channel voice alert so you can program certain channels. Making it easier for you to know which channel you are connected too.


    • ** Includes charger **
    • Motorola XT460 Radio
    • Rechargeable LiIon Battery
    • Power Supply
    • Belt Clip

The Motorola XT460 is great for smaller warehouses, schools and hospitality venues.


What is Motorola XT460?

The Motorola XT460 is one of the best selling license free two way radios. It was built with durability in mind with its modern design and display making it a higher quality license free radio. The Motorola XT460 replaces the very popular XTNiD series.

What is an IP55 Rating?

An IP55 rating shows that the radio is protected against dust ingress that could be harmful but isn’t fully dust tight.

What is the range of Motorola XT460?

Although the radio is capable of around 10km in line of sight. Under normal operation it is advised that 0.5 miles is the optimum range for the radio

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Product Features:

Product Specifications:

Licence Type



Atex Approved

Battery Life


Dedicated Emergency Button



Freeform Text Messages


Group Call

IP Rating




Output Power

Pre-programmed text messages

Private Call

Programmable Buttons





  • Portable Radio with Display & Antenna
  • Battery
  • Carry Holster
  • Charger
  • Safety Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 12 Months Warranty

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