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Peltor MT15H7AWS6 WS ProTac XPI Helmet Attach Headset, Yellow, (Bluetooth)

493.55 incl. VAT

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The update of the 3M PELTOR WS ProTac XPI Headset brings many improvements and new exciting features that can help improve the safety and efficiency in critical communication. Level-dependent technology for ambient listening can help you to hear important sounds from the surroundings. With the new feature Push-To-Listen, PTL, you can communicate face-to-face with people standing close by a noisy environment without being tempted to remove your hearing protection. Bluetooth connectivity for seamless connection to external devices. Support for Bluetooth Multipoint for simultaneous connection of 2 phones (selectable in Set-up mode).

Peltor WS ProTac XPI Helmet Attach Headset, Yellow, (Bluetooth) Key Features

• Bluetooth 4.2 including MultiPoint.
• Improved MMI menu set-up for easier handling in daily operations.
• Bright yellow color for enhanced visibility.
• New noise cancelling water resistant speech microphone.
• Improved speech intelligibility and IP68 rated for use in noisy and demanding environments.
• Support for Bluetooth A2DP, streaming (selectable in Set-up mode).
• Auto power off: The headset will turn off after 4 hrs of non-use to save battery.
• Low-battery warning at low battery level.
• New FLX2 accessory jack (selected models) for ability to add an additional external source via cable for safe and independent communication.
• Ground Mechanic solution included in main product.
• Compatible with 3M PELTOR WS Ground Mec adapter

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