Sepura SBP8040 GPS Portable

Sepura SBP8040 GPS Portable
Sepura SBP8040 GPS Portable
Sepura SBP8040 GPS Portable Product_Image_SBP8000_front_yellow_658x658px Product_Image_SBP8000_front_orange_658x658px Product_Image_SBP8000_front_green_658x658px product_image_sbp8000_front_658x658px

£592.80 £494.00 ex VAT

  • Sepura SBP8040 GPS Portable is full power licenced, digital two way radio from Sepura with GPS functionality.
  • The Sepura SBP8040 Series of keypad/colour display portables are designed for professional radio users requiring advanced functionality and features.
  • Submersible with an IP67 environmental protection rating provides radio users with outstanding robustness in a lightweight package.

Sepura SBP8040 GPS is a licenced, digital, professional two way radio with display, full keypad, and integrated GPS. It is a member of Sepura’s digital series SBP8000.

All key digital features are integrated in this radio including all call, broadcast call, group call, private call, busy channel, scanning and priority scanning, transmit interrupt, call alert, contact list, caller ID …

The Sepura’s SBP8000 series has been built with safety & security in mind. It features Lone Worker and emergency call & live mic. It is also possible to add on a Man Down application for advanced protection. Sepura SBP 8040 GPS has already integrated GPS monitoring which allows positioning of its users.

This radio has a colour LCD display and full keypad which are advancing text messages and use of Sepura’s innovative applications.

Sepura SBP 8040 GPS is a rugged and durable radio with IP67 rating which makes it dust and waterproof. It also comes with 24 months manufacturer warranty.

It is required to have an Ofcom licence for this radio. We at Apex always ensure that your radios are working correctly and in line with Ofcom regulations. Sepura SBP 8040 can cover up to 2.5 miles in open territory and can be considered an advanced professional two way radio.

We would mainly recommend it for supervisors or managers at larger manufacturing sites, factories, facilities management, hospitals, transportation, and waste management. There are many accessories available which fit this product and makes it versatile for other industries which could require an advanced two way radio system.

Product Features

  • Digital
  • Licenced
  • Integrated GPS
  • DMR Tier II: non-proprietary TDMA digital signalling standard
  • Caller ID: see who is calling
  • Encryption: prevents eavesdropping
  • Lone Worker: keep your staff safe
  • Man Down option: ensure worker safety
  • Vibrate Alert: inform a user of a private call
  • VOX: make hands-free operation easy
  • All Call: talk to all groups at once
  • Group Call: instant team talking
  • Private Call: one to one calling
  • Dual Mode: digital and analogue channels
  • Busy Channel: prevents talking over other users
  • Scanning and Priority Scanning: don’t miss any calls on other channels
  • Transmit Interrupt: override conversations when you need to
  • Call Alert :an audible tone informs a user of a private call
  • Emergency Call: takes priority
  • Emergency Call & Live Mic: takes priority with hands-free
  • Zones: for easy selection of user groups
  • DMR Tier III option: upgrade to non-proprietary digital trunking capability

Product Package

  • Portable radio with full keypad and illuminated colour display
  • Black front bezel (coloured bezels are optional)
  • 2000 mAh Lithium Ion Battery
  • Spring Loaded Belt Clip
  • Antenna
  • User Guide
  • 24 Months Manufacturer’s Warranty
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