Sepura STP9100 Tetra
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Sepura STP9100 Tetra

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  • Easy to activate and with a ‘Wake-on-Alarm’ feature, the emergency key enhances user safety and facilitates ease of use, even via blind-finding
  • The STP9000 leverages the tough technology developed for Sepura’s STP8X Intrinsically-Safe series to deliver a market-leading IP67 package, proven to perform in the most demanding operational environments
  • A blue LED indicates that a call/ message has been missed. The soft key next to the LED can be configured to display a list of missed calls/messages


The STP9100 hand-portable combines extreme ruggedness with powerful audio and RF to users who require a high specification, reliable radio, but prefer a more streamlined user interface.

Waterproof, submersible, dust-proof and marine-hardened, the IP67-rated STP9100 continues to work after submersion in up to 1m of water for up to 30 minutes. The reduced-keypad hand portable radio boasts powerful audio, exceptional battery life and safety-enhancing features such as Wake-on-Alarm.

Haptic technology produces a physically detectable response to the press of a key and the ‘Twist and Zoom’ feature allows images to be viewed full-screen when the radio’s orientation is changed.


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