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VoCoVo “Connect” System 5

£3,030.00 incl. VAT

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Similar to VoCoVo Go system, the VoCoVo Connect takes internal communications to the next level. The system relies on the VoCoVo’s brain which underpins the whole system.
A controller will also allow multiple conferences if there is a need for several groups to have private talk groups. The VoCoVo “Connect” System can accommodate up to 68 users and handle commands from up to 2 call points. Call points are buttons customer can press to alarm staff, these can be individually set for different uses e.g. Click and Collect.

• Installation required
• Multi-channel voice conference
• Up to 2 call points
• Telephony integration – Please call to discuss

What’s in the box?
• 1 x VoCoVo IP20 base unit
• 1 x 19” Controller
• 1 x VoCoVo Call Point
• 5 x VoCoVo Pro Headsets
• 5 x VoCoVo Headbands
• 1 x VoCoVo 5-way desktop multi-charger

Additional Information:
• A maximum number of 29 headsets can be used per base station
• 1 base station = 1 voice conference
• Multiple conferences require multiple base units (only for “CONNECT” systems)
• Controller is required for multiple base units or call points
• Base units must be cabled into the Controller where 2 or more base units are in use
• Base unit coverage is approximately 70-90m(line of sight in open space)
• Repeaters can be used to extend range in star formation, not in-line of sight
• Controller capacity: Maximum of 1000 headsets and 250 base units

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