pubwatchApex is the leading supplier throughout the UK of Pubwatch Radio Links and provides economical solutions to combat theft and anti-social behaviour. We currently control and administer in excess of 250 Radio Link schemes nationwide

Apex’s trusted and reliable Pub Watch Radio Links are in operation across hundreds of areas throughout England, Scotland, Wales, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland providing reassurance to staff and customers in the battle against business crime. We are highly experienced in providing successful radio linked Pub watch schemes between the pubs or clubs and the local CCTV and Police. Pubwatch scheme is often a necessity for licensed premises.

The nightlife industry, licensees and owners of licensed premises are gradually more in contact with Police forces and Local Authorities to fight the battle against crime and anti-social behaviour. Pubwatch schemes help the premises to be proactive in helping protect their staff and law abiding clientele from potential criminal activities.

Antisocial behaviour in the night time industry can also bring the service providers into a negative light. Pubwatch is the way that you can show to the community that you are serious about this problem.

Apex has developed and installed numerous Pubwatch schemes throughout the UK, and is more than keen to assist in the development of Pubwatch in your area to help fight against crime.

Remember forewarned is forearmed!

Call us now to discuss further details of Pubwatch radio scheme, and the benefits it offers to your staff.

Please feel free to look at some of our fantastic testimonials from Radio Links that we have set up.

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