shopwatchApex Radio Systems is the leading supplier throughout the UK of Shopwatch Radio Links and provides economical solutions to combat theft and anti-social behaviour. We currently control and administer in excess of 250 radio link schemes nationwide

Shopwatch allows all Retailers in the Area to be in instant communication with each other, for a proactive approach to reducing and managing crime. On many of our Schemes, Retailers are also able to be in communication with the Local Police, CCTV and various other helpful initiatives.

We work closely with local partnership agencies to provide the right level of support and expertise. We are able to link several towns together to a central hub. Our knowledge of the technical advancements in radio communication systems means we are always able to offer the latest available equipment and packages to make two way radio systems truly effective in the fight against crime.

In addition, Apex will also liaise with local police and crime reduction officers in the proposed area to establish the most efficient Shop watch scheme for all users. Apex can extend Shopwatch scheme offer to any organisation, town or city.

Start benefiting from our Shop watch radio linked scheme and begin to reduce stock losses, make early warnings of undesirable activity, identify and track shoplifters, advise potential threats to all users of the system.

Forewarned is forearmed!

Call us now on 0800 612 1046 to discuss further details of our Shopwatch radio scheme and the benefits it offers to your area.

Please feel free to look here at some of our fantastic testimonials from Radio Links that we have set up.

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