Communication Solutions for the  Security Industry


For over 30 years, we have provided straightforward, simple to use, cost-effective communication solutions to many industries, and we understand the pressures of working within the security sector. Ensuring you have the best and most reliable equipment for employee safety, with the latest features available to you, is where Apex Radio Systems can assist. Read on to find more about our Two-Way Radios and Body-Worn Cameras.

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Two-Way Radios and Body-Worn Camera Solutions.

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Why Two-Way Radios?

Whether you require an out-of-box solution or a more tailored, customised communication set-up, at Apex Radio Systems we have a breadth of supplier and product knowledge to provide any security system solution. From Man Down and Lone Worker monitoring to specialist ATEX rated equipment to noise-cancelling solutions and crowd control – we can provide you with a solution with the functionality you need.


Why Body-Cameras?

Body-worn cameras are becoming increasingly more popular to the security sector for many reasons. The ability to record real-time events throughout the day, capturing evidence at all hours. Evidence shows that the use of body cameras have stopped situations from escalating or confrontation occurring, providing additional protection for staff against false accusations and users gaining transparency and accountability. Contact us today for a demonstration or to find out more about how Body-Cameras can benefit you and your team.

Benefits of Two-Way Radios

Cost-Effective Communication Solutions

Ensuring your budget and requirements are kept in mind, our solutions can be cost-effective and allowing you to have high specification

Immediate Communication

Immediate communication of Crucial Messages, enhancing Safety & Security for all parties using two-way radios.

Tough and Durable Devices

Our two-way radios have different IP ratings, allowing for different specifications but also different durabilities. Whether you're looking to be waterproof, weather-resistant, dust resistant, we can supply you with a radio fit for your purpose.

Additional Safety Features

Lone Worker and ManDown are additional features for upgrades on certain hand portables - allowing for increased measurability of staff and team members.

Large Area Coverage & Connectivity

Our team are trained and experienced in providing the best and most suitable solution for your needs; whether it's a rural location with little or no interference or multistory new build; we can provide you with a solution.