Special Offer! Motorola Talkabout Drop-In Charger

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on February 5th, 2020

What is a drop-in charger?

Rather than inserting anything into the radio to charge, the drop in charge works by placing the radio into the cradle. The pins on the charger connect to the metal circles at the back of the radio, making charging easier.

Which radios does the charger work with?

The Motorola Talkabout Twin Charging Tray chargers the Motorola T62 and T82

Special Offer 1

50% off one-time purchase, this is limited offer whilst stocks last.
Special Offer 2

Free Twin Drop-In Charger with the purchase of 2 Quadpacks.
Special Offer 3

Review your recent purchase of a Motorola T82 or T62, to enter a prize draw to win a Twin charger.
Motorola Talkabout Twin Charging TrayMotorola T82 Extreme Quad Pack

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