The best walkie talkies for outdoor adventures

The best walkie talkies for outdoor adventures

We refer to radios as walkie talkies when talking about radios used for leisure activities and other adventures. These are the radios which you would take on a road trip, hiking trip, skiing or wherever your journeys will take you …

Our currently available walkie talkie twin packs are all from Motorola, a very popular manufacturer of two-way radios. When it comes to leisure radios we currently offer Motorola twin packs. We believe that Motorola twin packs are more reliable, durable, and offer better value than some other brands which offer similar products.

Furthermore, most of the Motorola twin packs are equipped with rechargeable batteries, charger pod, UK and EU power adapters, and manual.

The range of walkie talkies

The range of licence free walkie talkies can be up to 1 mile in the open territory! This is very important to know.

Many walkie talkie brochures and websites claim that you can get 8 – 10 km coverage. Achieving such a coverage is only possible if you and your friend are standing on a top of a mountain each and there is nothing in the way which could possibly disturb the radio signal.

The radio coverage depends on many external factors but also on the radio power. Walkie talkie twin packs are only 0.5 Watt power and, therefore, the coverage cannot be increased any how. That’s why the more realistic coverage you will get on the twin packs is no more than 0.5 – 1 mile in direct line of sight.

Now, if you are still sure that walkie talkie twin packs will give you the required coverage, let’s discuss our favourite twin packs …

Motorola T80 Extreme Quad Pack

Our number one is definitely Motorola T80 Extreme Quad Pack.

Motorola T80 Extreme Quad Pack comes with extremely good product package – everything you need is included – batteries, chargers, lanyards, belt clips, and all this comes in one handy hard carry case.

This is a weatherproof radio so little splashes of water or bad weather will not do any harm. That’s why Motorola T80 Extreme radios are great for skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking … The radios also come with LED torch and feature vibrate alert.

All of this comes for extremely good price – only £137.70 (and free delivery) for 4 radios – absolute bargain!

Motorola XT180 Twin Pack

Our second place belongs to Motorola XT180 Twin Pack.

Motorola XT180 is one of the best-selling twin packs on the current market. People just love it, and not just for personal use – many businesses order XT180s too!

The best thing about this twin pack is that it comes with earpieces. Therefore, you can use this product discretely. The XT180 also looks very sleek and modern. It is splash proof and also features LED torch. These radios are great if you need to communicate over a small area, and perfect for road trips, hiking, family holidays, and small business needs.

This walkie talkie twin pack is only £71.40 with free delivery – great product for a very affordable price!

If you are looking for more advanced equipment, either licensed or licence free radios please check out the rest of our website for advice and ideas or get in touch with us.


  1. John Ingham 11 months ago

    Hi, we are an outdoors company and want to purchase some professional radios suitable for mountain ranges.
    We have tried 2 way radios but always lose connection due to terrain. What are our options for licenced radios and do you have such radios to show us.
    Many thanks

    • Dominykas 11 months ago

      Hi John,

      As you can see Apex provide a wide range of products for many manufactures, it would be helpful if we could discuss your specific needs in-depth so please feel free to call us to discuss or contact us via our contact page if this is easier.


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